5 reasons why you shouldn’t rely on printed Gift Boxes

5 reasons why you shouldn't rely on printed Gift Boxes

Printed gift boxes are a bit expensive as a unique printing technique is used, and lots of effort are put in to make these boxes pretty. No doubt, these boxes are very adorable and charming, but we cannot deny that these boxes are a burden for the company producing them, and customers have to pay more to buy a printed gift box.

Trained Staff:

Highly trained staff is required to make a proper gift box with creative ideas and unique designs. Otherwise, these boxes will not be liked by people, and ultimately no one will buy them because it will be a wastage of money for them. Your brand can face huge losses because of it. That is why the trained staff is required who know their work very well and who can mold themselves and can be innovative with the passage of time. But the reality is that every time a business is not in a position to hire trained staff and take benefit from their services.

Difficulty in Gift Box packaging:

Printed Gift Boxes are not only difficult to design but also, it is difficult to pack the gift in them. A specific technique and trick are used to pack the items evenly. Once these gifts are opened, it is not even easy to repack them. So basically, it is a time-consuming activity to wrap the gift. On the other hand, few times, gifts are wrap in such a hurry that gift box packaging is totally spoiled when customers receive the gift box, and customers can dislike your brand.

Lousy Quality Material and not Durable:

A gift box is used to carry expensive and sensitive items so that gift can reach its owner without any problem. But sometimes the quality of this box is so horrible that it can break easily. And if the box is breakable, it cannot protect the goods for which they are manufactured. No one likes such a brand whose box packaging is not worth it. And resultantly will create a bad impact of your brand on the customers. Due to this, you can face many difficulties in surviving in the market.

Higher Shipment Cost:

Extra-large gift boxes that are used to pack huge gifts are substantial and durable. Still, they can increase transportation costs as the weight of these boxes is more and consume more space, so shipment cost increases and customers have to pay extra delivery charges at the time of receiving such boxes. That can cause trouble for the customers.

Following are few types of gift boxes:

Folding Gift Boxes:

Before looking at the gift, the first thing that one notice is its box. So, the gift box should be gorgeous enough to please someone. Folding gift box is usually a small size box with a matte or glossy look and a magnetic effect on one end to close the box. These boxes are best for placing jewelry. Folding gift boxes can create a very positive impression on customers and increase your brand’s sales to a great extent.

Large Gift Boxes:

These personalized gift boxes are large in size and durable enough to protect the item packed inside. These boxes are specially designed for specific events to make that event more memorable and make your gift most fascinating as compare to others like birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or wedding gifts.

Square Gift Boxes:

Square gift boxes are square-shaped boxes preferred by many people as they can be reused for various purposes instead of throwing them out. These boxes look so decent and elegant and can grab customer’s attention easily. A wide range of color options is available for these boxes.

Wholesale Gift Boxes:

If you buy gift boxes in large quantities, you can get high-quality boxes at reasonable prices. Plus, these boxes are appealing to human eyes as well. So that gift can be packaged in these boxes, and it can add value to the gift. Additionally, you can customize these printed gift boxes in whatever shape, size, design, theme, and color pattern you want. You can also print some kind of cute messages on gift boxes to give a new look to these boxes. Just place your order, give proper instructions to the packaging industry, and you can grab your gift boxes in a short period of time.

Business Perspective:

A gift box is full of happiness that can help you to express your feelings to someone. A wide range of options is available for gift boxes. You can choose any one of them for your gift. Brands usually opt for the less costly packaging that doesn’t require highly trained staff and is easy to pack. They choose the boxes that are flexible and durable enough to protect their gift from breakage. And the packages that reduce shipment cost so that there is no extra burden on customers and brands.