5 Reasons Why Window Blinds Are Fast Replacing Traditional Curtains


Windows are like the eyes of a home – they provide the beholder with a panoramic view of the outside world. But sometimes, just like one needs to close one’s eyes and retreat within, you may want to draw the veils over your windows and spend quality time with your loved ones within your home. That’s where curtains and window blinds step in.
While curtains are the quintessential choices to cover the windows of one’s home,
window blinds are increasingly being selected over curtains by several residents in India and across the world. In what respects are blinds better choices than curtains? Let’s take a look:

  1. Better Light Control: More Light, or Too Bright?

While you can pick curtains of varying thickness levels, it is not possible to control the amount of light penetration once a curtain has been put up. In contrast, window blinds can be easily adjusted to control light penetration. For instance, on a sunny afternoon, you can adjust the blinds such that only partial sunlight penetrates your home.

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  1. For a Hassle-Free Maintenance

Owing to their simplistic design and make, window blinds are very easy to maintain. Unlike curtains, which have to be washed from time to time, one can easily get rid of the dust on window blinds using a vacuum cleaner or even a rough cloth.

  1. Myriad Types to Choose From

Blinds for windows are available in a wide variety of materials – including wood, plastic, faux wood, fabric, etc. Thus, one may decide upon what type of blinds to opt for taking the rest of the décor into consideration. For instance, it’s a good idea to opt for wooden blinds if your room has a lot of wooden furniture.

  1. Non-Intrusive Décor: Your Room Just Got Larger!

While curtains are external additions to your windows, blinds are installed right over the windows and do not fill the walls and other interior spaces in your room. This instantly makes your room appear larger than it is! In short, installing window blinds is a great way to save space.

  1. The Ultimate Choice For Complete Privacy

Comprised of fabric, curtains may sometimes allow light to permeate through them – especially during the heights of summer – thus allowing an outsider a partial view of the room. However, blinds can be adjusted to completely block out sunlight. This enables absolute privacy and provides inhabitants with their personal space.

  1. For a Neat and Professional Touch

Homes are not the only places where windows need to be covered. Many corporate settings, clinics, etc. also require protection from excessive sunlight and the establishment of their demarcated spaces. While curtains may come across as somewhat casual and informal, window blinds provide a professional and formal appearance to rooms.

Installing blinds for windows provides the room with a classy appearance, not only within the room but also from the outside. Let us know if you will opt for window blinds for your home or office windows!

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