5 Reasons That Make Kiln Dried Firewood Worth Every Penny


Trees, much like us humans, are made up of a lot of water. So, when logs are chopped of freshly, they are packed with moisture and are known as “green” firewood. But it’s common knowledge that water is the nemesis of fire. Thus, this green firewood is a struggle to burn. Not only do they require a lot more energy to light up, but the burning process also emits large volumes of polluting fumes. So, what’s the remedy to this? Suck out the moisture from the fresh logs, and you will be left with dry and super inflammable firewood to keep you toasty throughout the chilly months.

Seasoning vs. Kiln

Now, there two major ways to achieve dry and combustible firewood –

The old school seasoning – this ancient method involves drying the wood in a sheltered airy space, especially during the dry season, until there is only 30% to 40% of moisture within the firewood. The major cons to this are, however, multiple –

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  1. Manufactures do not dry up the wood completely owing to the increased demand during the peak season
  2. Humid climates prolong the drying time
  3. It is difficult and space consuming

The smarter kiln – keeping in mind the cons of the former process, smarter minds came up with the idea of drying firewood in kilns using electricity, solar energy, or natural gas. The advantages of this technique are plenty, so we have listed five of them for you to read before you order your batch of “kiln dried firewood for sale near me.’’

Benefits of Kiln Dried Firewood

1. Ready to Burn

When you order your batch of these beauties, you may rest assured that you can light up your fireplace and warm up your home as soon as they get delivered to you. When baked in the kiln, the firewood loses at least 80% of its original moisture content, leaving behind logs of convenience that can be burnt instantly without waiting for them to season for months.

2. Ignites Without Effort and Burns Efficiently

When the firewood has robbed of its moisture, it uses all the heat it generates to warm up the surroundings instead of using it to burn off the remnant moisture. Thus, with kiln-dried firewood, you require less wood to generate more heat. Lighting them up is also effortless because of how highly inflammable they are owing to the low moisture level.

3. Can Be Stored Indoors

Most of us had to store our traditionally seasoned firewood outside to avoid inviting bugs, moulds, and fungus into the living room. But guess what’s essential for the survival of these buggers? Moisture! Moreover, storing the wood outside usually poses the danger of theft and water damage from untimely rain or snow. Since kiln-dried wood has such little moisture within it, it does not attract bugs, moulds, or fungus. So, one can store them well within their home.

4. Low Smoke

When unseasoned wood is burnt, the smoke is laden with a dense cloud of water vapor that is extremely irritating for the respiratory system. Even traditionally, seasoned wood can create quite a bit of smoke. But with kiln-dried firewood, you may bid goodbye to this annoying issue.

5. Ensures a clean burn

Now, burning unseasoned wood in the fireplace result in the emission of by-products, which condense and stick to the inner walls of the chimney. Over a while and several layers of condensation later, it turns into a sticky build-up of tar and soot called creosote. It requires you to get your chimney cleaned if creosote reaches its third stage.

So, after knowing everything, we suggest you look for “kiln dried firewood for sale near me” and order yourself a batch of quality kiln dried firewood.

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