5 Practices for Online Reputation Management of Physicians



Negative reviews about physicians and healthcare professionals can ruin their reputation and also their practices. These reviews can be on the many review sites that are in existence today or in the form of misleading newspaper articles that paint a physician or doctor in a bad light. There are a lot of ways in which physician reputation can be harmed and thus physicians in today’s day and age are actively seeking out different ways and tactics to manage their reputations. The need of the hour for all physicians is to develop a strong internet reputation management strategy that can help them in dealing with any kind of negative content.

5 Practices for Online Reputation Management of Physicians

  1. Monitor criticism closely :- Asking patients to sign will-not-review agreements is likely to backfire because there is a high chance that such agreements won’t hold up in court. A better approach is to monitor the criticism that you are facing and counter it with factual information. Even when HIPAA forbids you from directly engaging online critics, you can do so in a general manner. There is a lot you can achieve with a calm head and a little bit of wordplay. By exercising moderation in your tone and being sensible, you can minimize the repercussions of the negative review to a considerable degree. If you think of it, you can have a response for literally any kind of criticism. When you come across reviews that point out a genuine fault in your policies or practices, use it as an opportunity to rethink your policies and practices, so that you can get better in what you do.

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  1. Use factual information to counter critiques:- When it comes to negative reviews both on the internet and in newspapers, threatening isn’t the way to go. It can backfire and turn into an entire fiasco. The best you can is to provide factual evidence to counter such critiques. You need to prepare a concise description of facts and present it to the editor so that the piece is retracted or corrected. Unless done with malicious intent, there is every chance that the piece will be retracted, edited or even deleted, so that the damage done to your reputation can be minimized. Incase some genuine criticism is coming your way, the best way in physician review managementis to acknowledge the wrongdoing and then take proactive steps to ensure that the mistake isn’t repeated in the future. All criticism is not bad, and if and when you learn to embrace them, you will realize that you are benefitting from them in more ways you could ever realize. This entire process is very tricky and will take a lot of patience, so you are advised to be as reserved and patient as is possible.

3.Get support from your patients:- You might get a few unfavourable reviews but they weren’t the only patients that you treated. There is always a bright side to every story and you need to shed more light on this bright side so that it outshines the dark sides. One of the best tips in reputation management for doctors is to encourage satisfied and happy clients in leaving reviews on various review sites, so that the positive reviews can outweigh the negative ones. Once you have a healthy stream of positive reviews coming in from existing or previous clients, it will minimize the repercussions of negative reviews to a considerable extent.

4.Make sure your bedside manner is perfect :- Often a physician’s bedside manner is the reason for a majority of negative online reviews. The best way to stop such reviews is to fix your bedside manner and adopt better practices which will make the patients feel more cared for and valued. You need to work on creating a good communicational relationship with your clients so that they can confide in you or trust you. Always allow the patient some avenue or the other to get in touch with you for asking further questions, whether through an assistant or through email.

  1. Hire an online reputation management service:- If you find yourself in the eye of a storm, then the abovementioned tips and strategies may not be able to come to your rescue. In moments like these, you need the experts to take over and fix the problem before it spirals into becoming something much bigger. You need to hire an online reputation management company that will keep you abreast of the changes or developments in your internet reputation. Since online review management is time-consuming, sometimes it makes sense to hire a professional personal reputation management service which can save you a lot of time and hence money in the long run. Further, with the help of the professional service, you should focus your energies on creating a large body of positive content to outweigh the negative.

Wrapping Up 

Physician online reputation management is a science and it takes a lot of time to see conclusive results. To bury negative reviews or to minimize the effects arising out of such reviews, a physician can employ the 5 tips practices and tips that have been aforementioned. The major focus should be on responding well to negative reviews and creating fresh and positive content to replace and suppress negative online reviews. It should be noted that Google search results won’t change overnight so they need to be persistent in their efforts to see the desired results. Hence it makes so much sense to hire medical reputation management services that can get the job done for the clients. It can take anywhere from 4 to 6 months of running campaigns to see positive results, and even that can’t be guaranteed, so the best advice is to be persistent and hire the best experts who can help you in managing your online reputation.

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