5 Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas Homeowners Love

outdoor string lights hanging on a line in backyard

Outdoor living is booming this year and 81% of homeowners say that they want to turn their yard into a gathering space.

There are a lot of ways that you can make your yard a more attractive place to hang out. Cozy outdoor furniture, fire pits, covered areas, and outdoor cooking amenities are all great features to add to your yard.

However, none of this will make your yard the perfect place to entertain without the right lighting. When the sun goes down, how will you ensure that the outdoor party keeps going?

We’ve got five outdoor landscape lighting ideas that will help you perfect your indoor-outdoor living area. Read on to get inspired

1. Spotlighting

Our favorite landscaping experts at Hydro Dynamics recommend combining practical lighting with aesthetic enhancement. Spotlighting is the perfect way to do both.

Spotlighting allows you to highlight some of your best landscaping features, from tall trees to bursting plants. This outdoor landscape lighting will draw the eye to your yard’s beauty while also increasing visibility overall.

2. String Lighting

String lighting is an affordable landscape lighting solution that adds a touch of ambiance to any yard. Line your trees with fairy lights or string globe lights along your deck. This soft glow will give your yard a magical touch every evening.

3. Pathway Lighting

If you want people to spend time outdoors after sunset, pathway lighting is a must. Pathway lighting looks fantastic but it also increases safety and helps to prevent trip and fall accidents. Make sure that any stairs, brickwork, and even dirt pathways are well-lit for your friends and family.

4. Deck and Wall Lighting

Is your deck the place to be this summer? Oftentimes, the deck lighting installed by homebuilders isn’t the most attractive. It may not be bright enough or, alternatively, it may be so bright that it’s unpleasant to be around.

Outdoor sconces and overhead lighting options give you more control over the intensity of your deck and wall lighting. Keep things relaxed but illuminated with these outdoor landscape lighting design ideas.

5. Looking to Increase Security? Try Floodlighting

Some landscape lighting is, in the end, more practical than anything else. Many homeowners are looking for ways to increase security while also maximizing their landscaping. Use floodlighting in your front and backyard to shine light on intruders.

Most floodlighting is motion-activated. If you don’t want to trip your backyard floodlights every time you hang out on the deck, place the motion censors strategically. Aim them at entrance points like gates and away from common hangout areas like your deck or pool.

Which Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas Will You Use?

Are you ready to turn your backyard into the perfect entertainment area for friends and family? These outdoor landscape lighting ideas are the perfect solution for indoor-outdoor living.

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