5 Must-Have Tips for Winter Lawn Care

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There is an estimated 40-50 million acres of lawn in the US. What can be agreed upon is that Americans love their lawns. However, the debate about lawn care during the winter continues.

How can you maintain all your hard work from the year? How much time is recommended to spend taking care of the lawn in winter? What winter lawn care tips should you follow?

Do not worry, because we have you covered. Read on to learn how to care for your lawn in winter.

1. Fertilize in Fall

Most American lawns are cool-season grasses, such as bluegrass. Apply fertilizer with a spreader, so your grass can get all the nutrients it needs during the winter. You need to fertilize before the winter kicks in, so the nutrients can stay in the soil even when grass freezes.

2. Aerate Before Frost

Aeration is when you put holes in the grass. It allows grass to grow deeper, thanks to the extra water, air, and nutrients reaching roots. You want to aerate before winter starts to make sure the grass has enough air.

You can add a cool-weather seed to the holes, which can also help kill off the moss. Equally, distribute to avoid an uneven lawn when spring reveals your lawn again in all its glory.

3. Mow Right

One of the most essential winter lawn care tips is to mow correctly. Do not mow when the grass is frosty or wet, as it could damage the lawn.

If the weather is mild, it is good to mow, but prepare in the fall if you live in a cold area. You do not want to leave your lawn long, as animals and fungi can make themselves at home. There are some grass-length guidelines you can follow for winter lawn care.

4. Keep Your Lawn Clean

Keep an eye on debris on your lawn. When fall ends, rake any leftover leaves. A clean lawn prevents disease conditions, pests, and the risk of smothering the grass.

Also, reduce traffic on your lawn. Heavy traffic can mean the grass takes longer to green due to compaction.

5. Consider Lawn Care Services

Taking care of your lawn in winter can require extra care if you have features such as sprinklers. Companies such as GLC Property Maintenance Services offer blowout services. A blowout service prevents irrigation systems from freezing.

Consider lawn care services, so lawn care during winter does not get neglected. When winter ends, you could have more severe lawn care problems to deal with.

Master Winter Lawn Care

Caring for your lawn takes practice if you want not just to maintain it but also ensure it thrives. Winter lawn care can be tricky. But follow these preparation and maintenance steps for success!

Also, remember that it takes time to master lawn care during winter. Do not be hard on yourself if you have some lessons after the first winter. You need to get to know your lawn.

How you follow winter lawn care tips will depend on your grass type and the climate you live in.

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