5 Most Popular Styles of Diamond Engagement  

Diamond Engagement  


A wedding proposal is one of the most memorable moments in the lives of couples. And finding the perfect ring to go with the all-important question makes the event even more unforgettable. However, with so many designs of engagement rings, choosing a style that best suits one’s partner is challenging.

What to consider in choosing an engagement ring

To narrow down the selection of rings, buyers can take a second to evaluate their partner’s personality and lifestyle. They can ask themselves two questions: what kind of jewellery their partner usually wears and how active they are.

The kind of jewellery somebody wears reflects their personality. Some prefer mixing and matching different accessories with their outfits, while some prefer only a single style. Those who follow fashion trends will appreciate traditional ring designs like the solitaire or princess cut. While it may sound contractionary, traditional designs serve as fashion staples. Their longstanding allure does not clash with modern or changing outfits but balances them out instead. For those who wear similar jewellery pieces, it would be best to give them a ring that fits with the theme they are used to wearing.

Partners with an active lifestyle may find rings with secure settings better. A classic solitaire secured in a bezel setting makes a durable and beautiful ring for more active people. Moderate and less active individuals could wear bigger stones in more contemporary settings.

Choosing a ring for one’s partner depends on their personality and style. Nonetheless, there are five classic designs that anyone would surely appreciate.

Diamond Solitaire

The most traditional design of an engagement ring is the solitaire. It means only one stone is attached to the ring, mounted on a plain band using a prong or claw setting. The single diamond gets all the attention, so the quality of the stone is crucial. A simple and timeless design, the solitaire never goes out of fashion.

Halo Rings

A halo ring is composed of smaller pave diamonds encircling a larger gemstone. It emphasizes the centre diamond, so the cut of the stone must be precise. Halo was most popular during the 1920s but has enjoyed a resurgence of admiration as more and more people develop an interest in vintage styles.

Pave Settings

Pave engagement rings do not just have a centre gemstone protruding from the band. The ring band itself is also paved with rows of smaller gemstones, creating a continuous sparkling ring. The only consideration for pave-set rings is the difficulty of resizing if required in the future. The stones embedded all around the band would make it harder for jewellers to widen or tighten the ring.

Three Stone Rings

Three stone rings, or side-stone design, display a large diamond at the centre with two smaller stones on either side. However, some contemporary three-stone rings have all stones of the same size. In both cases, this ring design allows a mixture of gemstones as centrepieces, such as sapphires and rubies.

Bezel Setting

For a more contemporary look and a practical approach, couples can opt for bezel setting rings. A bezel securely holds a central diamond through an elegant wrap of gold or platinum. A full bezel covers all sides of the stone and exposes only the top, while a partial bezel shows more profile. Bezel-set rings fully protect the gemstone and are suited to individuals leading more active lifestyles.