5 Most-Exotic Honeymoon destinations in Manali


If you are recently tied in a knot with the love of your life and vowed to stay by their side no matter what. It’s time to evoke a sense of bondage and make the connection more vital than before. You might be looking for a place where moonlight kisses the hill while you imitate the gesture with your sweetheart.  When pine trees embrace the cliff and a bird entwines with the mist, where you know you are breathing in love.

A honeymoon is a remarkable experience in everyone’s life since it represents the dawn of a new life. We understand the magnitude of the situation and the confusion that comes with selecting a stunning gateway. However, we have hand-picked a couple of exotic and ultra-private honeymoon destinations in Our Manali Honeymoon package.

Hadimba Temple

The Hadimba Temple is located in the middle of the snow-capped slopes of Manali and is a unique Hidimba Devi sanctuary devoted to Bhima and Ghatothkah’s mother. This lovely temple is erected on the rock, which is thought to represent the image of Hidimba herself, surrounded by magnificent cedar trees.

The residents of Manali worship Hidimba Devi in the temple during the Navratri festival. The idol of Devi Hidimba is brought to the Dhalpur Maidan during the celebration of Dussehra when she blesses the ceremonial horse. It is known as “Ghor Puja.” Outside the Hadimba Temple, there is a considerable weight of worshipers during Navratri.

 The Hidimba Devian style of the temple is locally known as the temple of Dhungari with its wooden doors, walls and cone-shaped roofs and is entirely distinct from that of the other temples. This shrine is a befitting dedication to Hadimba, its founder.

Vashisht Hot Spring

Vashisht Baths is a hot water resource, which is believed to have therapeutic qualities, located within the highly famous Vashisht Temple in Manali. Several visitors, many of whom dive in the holy water to get rid of skin illnesses and infections, are also known as Vashisht Spring.

 The Vashisht Baths, like the Hadimba Temple, also have a feeling of antiquity. A black stone covered in dhoti, the mythical sage Vasht is located in the principal chamber of the ashram. The classic decorations with decorative sculptures and creative figures represent the temple’s ancient heritage. Two thermal springs are built around stone walls to allow people a certain solitude to soak in the warm waters. 

The Vashisht Baths and the magnificent sandstone temples are situated 6 kilometres from Manali. The administration has arranged for men and women to have separate baths. There are hundreds of tiny businesses around the Vashist spring, where souvenirs and religious items may be purchased.


Jogini Falls

Waterfall Jogini is nestled in the picturesque Manali Valley, 3 km from the lively town and 2 km from the famed Vashisht Temple. The famous tourist destination is a hike to the magnificent 160-foot high Jogini waterfalls from the Vashisht Temple via pine woods and orchards.

The hikers are delighted by the sight they have of river Beas and the snow-polluted peaks of Rohtang above several lesser rivers. The Jogini Waterfall is an excellent delight for nature lovers and adventurers when visiting the beautiful Manali valley.

The trek to the Jogini Waterfall takes around 3 hours, so make sure that a camera captures the exciting splendour of the site. To stop at the pit, you can find eateries providing a boiling hot cup of Chai throughout the road, serving local delicacies.

 One of Manali’s most romanticised sights and thrilled with couples is the mesmerising waterfall. The location, however, is also known for its adventures and leisure activities and is a popular tourist picnic place.

Van Vihar

Van Vihar’s beauty will thrill you entirely. This protected area of land is being maintained by government officials, away from the bustling bustle of the busy market. The vast area of the woodland contains a park for children with swings and slides and a small boating pond. The Van Vihar is ideal for a pleasant walk in the middle of natural surroundings or a lovely day with gentle bird talk. 

You may also go down to the rocks beside the river and spend some peaceful moments when you are in the mood for a bit of adventure. If you come here in the evening, you may get some magnificent views of the setting sun with the majestic mountains as a backdrop. Take a few minutes out of your hectic vacation to visit this natural sanctuary.

Manali Wildlife Sanctuary

Without a stay at Manali Sanctuary, a fantastic wildlife sanctuary in Himachal Pradesh, a visit to Manali certainly is not complete. A walking distance from Manali’s city centre, the wildlife sanctuary is an excellent location for seeing this site’s diverse fauna and flora. 

The Manali Shrine begins just behind the city and stretches all the way up the slopes behind the mountain station. In 1954, the sanctuary of the Punjab Birds and Wild Animal Protection Act of 1933 was formally declared in the year 1954 on 26 February. Spread over a surface of about 31,80 km2, the sanctuary still holds all you could expect from a conventional refuge.

 Aside from visiting these reptiles, birds, animals and mammals, there are also plenty of possibilities to have a fun-loving soul at the Manali Sanctuary. The Manali Wildlife Sanctuary is, without a doubt, a paradise on Earth for all animal and environment lovers who travel here in droves to experience what heaven is like.