5 Mobile Application Development Trends to Watch out for in 2020


With over a billion mobile phone users and applications available on Android and IOS stores it has become vital for app developers to keep a close eye on the latest trends of app development. From social media channels to e-commerce shopping platforms, user-friendly mobile apps have become a crucial part of business and organization growth.

Therefore, in this post, we are going to discuss mobile app development trends to watch out in 2020 to improve customer engagement and brand recognition. Let’s have a look below to reveal the mobile app development trends to take your business to the new height.

  • Wearable App

Smart wearable applications are one of the hottest trends in mobile app stores, that can gear up your business performance. It can provide you opportunities to add high functionalities in your applications like heartbeat sensors in a fitness app and many more.

Furthermore, it will allow you to communicate in a hassle-free manner with endless possibilities. So if you want to revitalize the user’s experience then you must make the most of this latest trend. Or else you might miss a great option to enhance your app popularity.

  • Smart UI/UX Design

No one can deny the importance of smart UI/UX design when it comes to talking about app development trends. By UI/UX meaning, users need to be given proper navigational guidelines for users to easily access their intended information. For instance, an app designed in a way that implements relevant CTAs at the correct places.

Moreover, this user experience can significantly impact the rankings of an app that will depend on the level of engagement of users. Thus making it important for business operators to connect with android application development company, prioritizing smart user experience as an important factor to consider when developing.

  • Face Recognition

AR offers a great way to recognize humans, which lets users get any kind of information out of it without the need to input keywords in search engines and wasting time to find about any product or service. with just a single tap of the device, users get all kinds of information they want whether it is pricing, a retail company, color or any other element. All users have to do is simply use the smartphone’s camera to scan the face or object and get detailed info about it.

Companies now invest a huge amount in application development services, amalgamating AR technology to enhance user experience and target sectors such as healthcare, education, military training simulators and other sectors too.

  • IoT Functionalities

The internet of things is the most popular feature of the mobile application that is benefiting billions of devices and users. The concept of IoT integration is to help user control devices by their application including bulbs, A/C, fans, fridge and a lot more electric appliances. All devices that are connected with the internet of things will be controlled and communicated by a user.

No matter you have a smartphone or tablet, you can use it as a remote control to manage appliances by connecting with an android application development company. Do remember to add IoT functionalities in your app to allows users to automate their home and office appliances without any hassle.

  • Automated Chat Bots

Consumers prefer to make purchases through an application that offers 24/7 customer support. If you want to increase the popularity of your app among your customers, then you must offer an automated chatbot at the palm of their hands. Automated chatbots act like a salesman to persuade users in making purchases by answering their queries.

For this, you can connect with a reliable android application development company to build mobile applications that offer automated chatbots to users at the time of purchase. By doing this you will not only overcome hurdles that are driving away your app users but also increase your ROI.

In the end, it could be stated now that the information shared in this post can help businesses find out the latest trends of app development to maximize customer engagement.