5 Living Room Trends We’re Loving


Living rooms are the centre point of the home. We often spend the most time in our living rooms. Therefore it is necessary to keep them looking and feeling good according to modern design trends. Interior design trends change from year to year. However, when a decade ends and another start, it is really the time to consider making changes in your indoors according to the latest popular trends and get to the contemporary furniture stores for this purpose. 

Here are some popular trends for living room interior design we are loving at the moment: 


The most important thing about the latest living room trends that we love is the reflection of your own style and personality through the furniture you have placed in your living room. Get creative and start customising your furniture and finishings. You can choose modern furniture and have it upholstered according to your choice. Furniture stores will follow your recommendations to bring you the furniture you have asked for in terms of shape, color, size, and design pattern. Furniture customisation is one thing we expect to see more and more of throughout 2020 and beyond.

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Switching to Nature:

Last decade saw an overwhelming use of furniture made up of metals and synthetic materials. However, what is good about this decade is we will see the rise in demand for living room furniture and other objects made up of wood and other natural and more sustainable materials. The introduction of more wood and natural materials indoors and especially the living rooms will bring a luxurious vibe to the living rooms as well as make your home look and feel more eco friendly.

Introducing Color Scheme:

Creating ambience in your home brings a sense of elegance. The ambience in your living room will create a cozy impression and make things look more synchronised. As far as color combinations are concerned, darker colors are more popular when it comes to creating a warm cosy environment. However, it doesn’t mean that neutrals have lost their place. Classics like nudes, greys and monochrome palettes still hold their place in interior design color schemes and look just as elegant. 

Adding Texture:

You should also focus on bringing texture to your home with multiple objects like rugs, curtains, cushions, and wall art. Tie these items into your overall colour scheme but experiment with different textures and materials. Velvet will make your interior feel more luxurious, and natural woven fabrics will give an earthy aesthetic.


A lot of people focus more on the furniture and other items featured in their living room and tend to neglect their lighting. Strategically placed lighting will work wonders to transform your living room and make it look more stylish than ever. Play with feature lights, downlights, lamps, candles and more. Pick from warm or cold lighting to change the way your living room feels too.

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