5 Creative Ways Men Can Wear Bracelets With Every Look


Adding bracelets to your look can really take your outfit up a few gears. Beaded styles bring an eclectic, rustic vibe to any clothing combination. Whether you’re heading to drinks, running errands or preparing for a long day at the office, your beaded bracelet is going to serve you perfectly. Here are five creative ways that your bracelet can bring an extra edge to your different looks…

Elevated Office Wear

Business attire can get pretty stuffy, pretty quickly, particularly when you feel that you’re wearing the same rotation of office appropriate threads week in, week out. A thoughtfully styled bracelet can bring some much needed personality to your business wear, helping you feel that extra bit more yourself when you’re in office mode. Add character to your suit or dress shirt with a hammered metal beaded bracelet. Looking to take it one step further? Try mixing it up and enhancing your outfit with a pair of eye-catching cufflinks. These can either contrast with your bracelet or follow the same rugged theme, whatever feels most like you!


Back to Basics

Your basic wardrobe is key for building any kind of outfit. Well made, high quality simple cuts are core to all of your looks. Even your most complicated ensembles will likely put one or two of your basic pieces to work. Sometimes, simple works best, but if you’re feeling a little too stripped back when you’re putting together your minimal get up, you should reach for your bracelet collection. Mix sterling silver beaded bracelets with rope styles, woven leather pieces, and even an eye-catching cuff to transform your basic outfit into a statement look that’s anything but boring.

Cocktail Hour

Create an interesting and unique cocktail look to stand out from the crowd at your next social event. Cocktail hour can be a tricky one to navigate – you want to feel formal, comfortable and appropriate without looking rigid or overdressed. Use your bracelet to bring some character and style to a simple button up and chino combination. An all back outfit looks so striking when contrasted with hammered silver tones. Layer up two or three beaded styles for added impact.

Smart Casual

Smart casual dress codes are a bit of a mystery – you want to feel like you’re dressed up enough for the occasion but you’re also not going to turn up dressed to the nines in a three piece suit! Walk the line between smart and casual by using your accessories to liven up your formal look. Beads, leather, cuffs and chains bring a lived in, casual air to your dress shirts, blazers, chinos and dress pants. Textural additions elevate your outfits, but they can also create a more bohemian vibe to transform your formal pieces. Your dress watch, blazer and brogues will all carry a cool, off duty spirit with a few simple pieces of jewelry.

Off Duty Dressing

Men’s bracelets can also create an effortless, eye-catching edge for your off duty dressing. Beaded accents and denim go together seamlessly, so use your bracelet to step up your tee shirt, sweaters and denim outfits. You can do this with just the one or incorporate other woven accents along with a chain necklace to transform your casual wear.

There you have it! Five ways that your bracelet can switch up both your everyday and formal outfits. Use accessories to step up your dressing and enhance your personal style. Invest in quality jewelry to find pieces that last you countless outfits and years to come.