5 Characteristics you should look for before hiring a Cybersecurity Advisor

cyber security

An organization needs to deal with several risks and security crises, cybercrime is one of them. Every business organization contains confidential information that needs to be protected. Apart from this, it also stores personal information of customers to be used for marketing and other purposes. All these pieces of information are very precious for any organization because it contains customers’ values and trust.

In October 2017, Yahoo witnessed the biggest data breach and compromised the data of around 3 billion users. If you are a tech geek or fond of technology then you surely know about this biggest data breach in history. This is what cybercrime can cause to your organization.

The Ponemon Institute conducted research that revealed, the outcomes of cybercrime are costly as the total average cost of a data breach is $3,92 million in 2019. We all know about the recent and popular cybersecurity attack called Ransomware that caused damage to various big giants and government organizations.

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Cybercriminals not only target large organizations, but several mid and small size organizations were targeted. Now you might be thinking? How to protect an organization from cybercrime?

So, this is the phase where a cybersecurity advisor comes into the picture. They will protect your organization from any malware attack and any other privacy risks. They directly deal with the board of any organization and advise them about the risk assessment.

Look for these 5 characteristics before hiring cybersecurity advisor for your organization:

Whether navigating turbulent cyber weather or technical weakness, cybersecurity advisors help the organization to make the right decision at the right time. Here are 5 characteristics that you should look for before hiring a cybersecurity advisor.

1) Sturdy Professional and Personal Skills

To deal with organizational cybersecurity and preventing other privacy information, cybersecurity specialists need to be proficient and exceptional in professional and personal skills. They need to be very good at analyzing and examining a large amount of information.

2) Sharp eye on tech pros and cons

Cybersecurity specialists should contain a strong understanding of technology implementation and its non-implementation to help the organization. Whether your employees are working perfectly, still your organization may be weak in its security front.

They also need to recognize how cyber issues are impacting the organization and should make a strategic plan to overcome them. This will ultimately help the organization to sustain itself in an uncertain environment.

3) Centered with business and people

The advisors’ main job is not to interact with technology or processes, but to focus more on business and people. And for this, they need to be skilled enough to frame cyber risk metrics countering with business context. The professional cybersecurity specialists should also be familiar with the voluntary cybersecurity framework curated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

They should map out a clear vision of steps that an organization needs to comply with to meet compliance standards. Experienced and professional advisors will not only find out ways to prevent the organization but also look for solutions.

4) Know the company culture

Every organization contains a personality that makes it unique. To get better and positive outcomes, Cybersecurity advisors will always study and understand the personalities of the board members and company culture. Smart and professional advisors will always point out the organizational risk biases and help them in delivering the best business solutions and decisions. Also, they need to compare the current results with the results achieved.

5) Know the organization’s cybersecurity position

To determine the organization’s cybersecurity positions, advisers need to know,

● Whether cybersecurity strategies arranges with business objectives
● The effectiveness of the cybersecurity program
● How effectively the organization addresses cyber risk.
● The information presented to the board and make sure that it is relevant and reliable.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, they should also analyze the speed and success rate of any incident response. And through all these points, it is easy to guide the organization towards achieving its outcomes.

Wrapping Up

No matter how big or small your business or organization is, cybersecurity plays a very important role and to ensure its efficiency you require perfect and experienced cybersecurity advisors. Whether understanding cyber risks or other organizational crises, advisors need to understand the organization well.

The organizations that don’t have a cybersecurity plan or any other policies would suffer Monetary and reputational risks. The cost of cybercrime would be costlier for any organization and the most important part is that it will damage the reputation and trust in the market. Governments and global organizations in the world focusing more on dealing with cybercrime.

So, before hiring cybersecurity advisors make sure you look for the above-discussed characteristics in them to get the finest outcomes.

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