5 Amazing Workouts to Getting Rid of Treadmill Boredom


No matter what the reason, whether it’s Mother Nature or travel, a busy schedule, or just plain road weariness, running on the treadmill can help you keep your fitness up even when you’re stuck inside.

It’s no longer boring to do fun exercises that add variety to your workout routine. Although studies show that exercising outside can make us happier, more energetic and less anxious, there are some benefits to working out in the gym.

Running on a treadmill is much more convenient than running outside. We are kidding! Running in place can be very frustrating for anyone who has ever spent any time at the mill.

Your Action Plan to Beat the Boredom on Treadmill

In the hope of having as much fun as these guys, we give the treadmill another try. These treadmill workouts will help you stay in shape no matter what the weather is like or how difficult it may be. If you are still not using a treadmill at your home, we are sure you will consider buying it after reading this article.

Go low-high.

Interval training is, according to experts, the treadmill’s best friend. It increases heart rate and burns calories due to a variety of intensity levels. For a longer run, we recommend this distance run from the runner’s view.

Gaps can be difficult, but there is always a break around the “bend” of the road. Remember to adjust your pace to suit your needs; everyone’s speed may vary from a sprint, run or jog.

Take a walk to the hills.

What is the best way to make it seem like you’re on the trails and not stuck inside? You can crank up the incline! You can use the treadmill to simulate outdoor terrain and compensate for the lack of wind because there are no external elements.

This challenging “Six/Sevens” workout will make you climb hills. Do not be offended by strange looks from gym-goers when you use the treadmill lifts or lowers. These killer hills are fun, but we’re the first to admit it.

Multitasking is your strength.

Are you unsure whether you should do cardio before or after your strength training? Why not do cardio during strength training? You can add variety to your treadmill workout by adding a couple of 2- or 5-lb.

Dumbbells are a great addition to your treadmill workout for practicing bicep curls and shoulder presses while you walk. You can also hop on and off while you log miles.

Alternate running for 5-10 minutes with strength training exercises such as push-ups and crunches, planks and planks. If you don’t find this fun, slow down your belt speed during transitions.

You must play your cards correctly.

This great game of treadmills requires you to pick a card. You will need four index cards to write “run,” “run fast,” “jog,” or “walk” on each one. While you warm up, shuffle them up. Next, draw a card. Continue doing this for about 3-4 minutes until you have completed all four.

Continue until you’re sweaty. You can get even more creative with new cards that have specific speeds, inclines or punishments or rewards, such as “drop and give 20!” or “time to take a break!”

Make use of digital distractions.

Boredom can be overcome by a great iPod playlist or fancy treadmill television. Research shows that music and television can be used as distractions. Why not make the most of them? Create an interval playlist that includes a mixture of fast and slow songs, and adjust the speed accordingly.

Did you know that you can use television commercials to help with workouts? You can run hard during the show and then recover during commercials. Bonus points for completing an entire Real Housewives episode without having to switch channels. Are you still hating the treadmill?

Remember that grinding it out on a mill can make the road more enjoyable, even when the weather is terrible. Think about how much laundry you’ll save by not wearing layers on cold winter runs.


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