5 Advantages of Using Push Notifications in Android App


Android applications are being used by almost everyone including every age-group utilizing it to great extent. Several Android apps have been introduced in recent years and all containing marvelous technologies and techniques. Not every Android app containing the latest technology needs to have the ability to attract the users, it needs strong strategies to engage the users for a long time. Push notifications are a powerful strategy used by various businesses to communicate and interact with the users without direct conversion but through notification messages. 

In this article, you’ll learn all the benefits of using this outstanding technology that has played a wide role in the success of many businesses. 

1. Stimulate User Engagement

Push notifications are a great source to attract the customers as it gets instant attention at touchpoints. Using this feature in the android app, you can set reminders for the audience so that if they’ve been missing something, this fabulous feature can remind them about it. Push notification is beneficial to promote your business among the audience who are unaware of it engaging them with your business android app regularly. Push notifications help you send updates that are generated in real-time keeping customers up-to-date about all the latest offers, products, sales, etc. Android app notifications allow businesses to remain in touch with their customers by enabling timely messages that display relevant information to the customers. 

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2. Retain Users

Many customers just download the android app of a business but don’t bother to open it again. Push notifications features have a great advantage for the business whose android app is not used frequently by the customers. This feature switches these inactive customers to the active ones engaging them with their new promotions and features. The retention rate of the android app can be increased to a higher level if the push notifications feature is used and maintained regularly by the business. The notifications feature convinces users to open the app increasing the number of potential customers. Through notification messages, you can convey your business thoughts to the audience retaining them 

3. Increase Conversion Rates

Push notifications are one of the strongest advertising strategies increasing conversion rates to the desired level of business. Timely messages by the business android app notify the customers about important information that should be transferred to them without any delay. It is hard to ignore such push notifications as these create takes their attention towards the app and develop their interest in it. The most important use of this splendid feature is for the abandoned carts, many e-commerce businesses were worried due to the increasing rate of abandoned carts. This feature is helpful to remind users about the cart items so that users can get back to the app and proceed to the final step of checkout.

4. Target Right Users

Certain Android apps ask for the access of the user’s location, if the permission is granted to the app then it can be used to display the location-specific product, service, discount, offers, etc on the push notifications. Displaying the relevant information on the notification messages can take the customer’s attention in just a time. It also personalizes the user experience as they are shown what relates to them rather than displaying random messages on the notifications. It may also target the time zones of the customers according to their country, city or state. You can alert the user about the traffic situations within the city or the ongoing happenings in the surroundings as news messages.

5. Enhance Brand Consistency

Updating customers on a regular basis can make your business rank among the most loyal ones. Maintaining consistency is highly appreciated by the customers that attract them towards the brand. Making your customers aware of the new up comings can get them involved in the new products launched by your business. This strongest marketing strategy adds value to your business in various ways enhancing its images among the audience. Mobile application development services use your business logos making it get noticed by everyone and promoting it in a way that it becomes recognizable by push notifications. Users can remember the push notifications rather than the information displayed elsewhere, as it forces them to read it out. 


The development of the android app is not enough, to promote the android app of the business you need strong marketing and advertising strategies. The best strategy used by hundreds of apps is the Push Notifications feature, that not only informs the audience about your business but also keeps them updated about the latest product launch, offers, discounts, sales. It is highly beneficial to mark your business the most prominent due to its consistent notification messages, making the audience believe that they are important to the business. Businesses can connect better, communicate and interact with the users, and can use this feature to display personalized messages according to their history, location, and information.

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