4 Unknown Benefits to a Global IP

Global IP

In the days when businesses were first starting to get into using the internet for their company’s needs, dedicated IP addresses were the way to go. If you had the money, you could claim your own server space for maximum speeds, low latency, and plenty of sweet premium perks.

That said, we’ve come a long way from those early days, and with time comes the introduction of new options. One of the fastest-growing server options is known as a global IP.

What is a global IP, you ask? This article can help you get the answers you need. Read on to learn more!

1. You Can Use It Anywhere in the World

These days, we want accessibility whenever we need it. Our access to the world has allowed businesses to conduct their work all across the globe. However, there are certain areas where business internet access can be a challenging thing to get a hold of.

Thanks to global IP, that’s no longer a problem. Global IP servers allow a company to distribute internet as well as its corporate network traffic across servers anywhere in the world, and at any time.

2. You Can Use It Through the Cloud

Many sites that use dedicated servers are forced to stay within the server’s limitations. This means they often can’t use the power of the cloud to connect with other users.

However, global IP networks are designed to work with servers that are in an organization’s own data center, as well as those located on both public and private clouds. As a result, you can use a global IP address on any platform and still get great results.

3. It Communicates Through Global Servers

The power of a global IP lies within its ability to communicate. Dedicated IP servers hold vast amounts of speed and power, but they are even limited to their location and reach.

However, global servers require greater bandwidth to reach clients and potential customers throughout the world. This bandwidth is often more than most dedicated servers to allow for successful streaming by multiple parties.

Furthermore, it uses Global Server Load Balancing, or GSLB, to quickly connect across several data centers and give your viewers faster access to your page.

4. Your Data Can Be Split Across Multiple Locations

Being able to only access your data from a single location is not only a potential setback for particular businesses, but it can also be dangerous. If anything were to happen to that server, your company will suffer serious losses — and could potentially go out of business.

A global IP address can help you avoid this problem. Global IP benefits the user by giving them access to multiple locations while still delivering a high-quality user experience. This also strengthens the resilience of the company while cutting back on costs.

The benefits of global IP are impossible to ignore. Make sure your business gets the chance to make one for themselves today!

Time to Set Up Your Global IP

A global IP is a step in the right direction for any company looking to grow and succeed. Make sure to check out the rest of our site to learn more ways we can help you get the most out of everything you do!