4 top questions sellers ask while selling their homes during COVID19

covid 19

The outbreak of COVID19 has turned our world upside down and put a halt on our plans. With nothing much to do and nowhere to go, there is a huge impact on our housing planning. Those who were planning to sell their houses are now contemplating their decision. However, since life keeps on going on, if you were planning to buy or sell a house, it’s time to put your plan in action. While I was at it, I thought selling my home without a realtor would be one nerve-wracking and exhausting process, and I had lots of questions in my head. Now that I have all my answers, I want to make this selling journey during this pandemic a bit easier for you by providing you with the answers of the most common questions.

How are we going to give the buyers a tour of the house without meeting them personally?

Well, everything is virtual today, the internet has made it possible to conduct a meeting of 500+ people virtually, and therefore giving a virtual home tour is the best substitute for putting your home up for staging. There are many people out there who are interested in buying your house but are confined in their homes because of the ongoing pandemic. Do not make them come to your house but take your home to them virtually. Before you start recording your home and sell your home in Texas, make sure you are reaching out to your nearest real estate agent and taking tips on lighting, decorating and showing.

How are we going to advertise without stepping out of our homes?

Again, the internet and digital advertising have brought the world right to your doorstep; you do not need to step out of your house anymore to do anything. You can practice social distancing and still advertise the sale of your house in the best possible way. The digital marketing techniques can get you the buyers from all over the state. Make sure you are not skimping on your advertising budget now, it’s time you take matters more seriously as there are lesser buyers today than in regular days.

Will I be facing any competition?

While I was selling my house without a realtor, it was a bit difficult, and the first thing that came in my mind was that there would be a plethora of houses out in the market, how am I going to sell mine without any professional support. Nevertheless, with a lot of efforts and research, I managed to sell mine. To answer your question, there will not be much competition as a seller as of today. However, the best practice is to avoid getting caught up in the competition and focus on more important things that are controllable such as devising a strong marketing strategy, preparing your home and competitive pricing.

Will I be getting a lesser rate for my house?

The rate of your house is entirely up to your house, and how you sell it, despite the economic recession there are still buyers in the market, which means they have not been hit by hit immensely. The best approach is to keep the standard prices and does not go out and beyond while pricing your house.