4 Important Video Surveillance Tips To Take Care of In 2020


Living in 2020, we have now come to a point where getting the right video surveillance in San Jose CA has become the need of the hour for all business types. Such security solution deterrents crime and also serve to be an effective way to capture suspect in case of any mishap.

However, if you want the video surveillance system installed at your business premises to perform at its peak, there are still five fundamental tips that you need to take care of, irrespective of whether you are getting such a surveillance system installed at your commercial property for the first time or you need the much-needed changes after years. These tips are for all.

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Secure It From Hackers

The biggest threat to your security cameras in this day and age are hackers. Usually, businesses go for Internet Protocol (IP) cameras that work with the help of an internet connection. Hence, while this creates a brilliant chance for intruders to make their move, there are some practices that you can follow to protect your system.

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  1. a) Change the password every three months along with proper management of all the passwords.
  2. b) Never trust the default usernames and passwords because they are too easy to guess for hackers.
  3. c) Try keeping your business network secure at all times. This is because an unsecured system gives hacker the chance to play with your surveillance cameras the way they want.
  4. d) Don’t even think of connecting your cameras to a public network. This is where hackers have their eyes on accessing the important information like credentials.
  5. e) When choosing cameras, go for the ones with encrypted signals. Encryption changes the information sent over the internet from time to time, while making it difficult for the hackers to identify the right information which they might be looking for.

Avoid Legal Liabilities

While the safety of your business should be the top priority, you should also not forget the privacy of your employees and customers. So, when you’re installing cameras at your premises, make sure to leave areas where people might expect some kind of privacy. Such places include bathrooms, locker rooms, exam rooms, dressing rooms, hotel rooms etc.

Besides that you also need to completely understand your state law when it comes to the matter of customers’ and employees’ privacy.

Place Cameras With A Strategy

When you place camera strategically you can then identify and respond to hazardous situations more effectively. A great example of this can be that you should install cameras in sensible areas (such as above entrances, behind cash registers etc.) and under sufficient lighting.

Use Cloud For Storing Footage

You should not go for any company that provides video surveillance services in San Jose CA if they are not providing Cloud for storing the footage. This is because they are unaware of how cloud storage can enhance the security measures of your business as the solution easily turns out to be cost-effective, easily accessible and flexible according to your needs.

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