4 HR Tech Trends to Watch Out For in 2020


When we hear hr tech, the first thing that comes to our mind is the sophisticated coding, and the complex technology software put to use in an hr.’s work. However, it’s only partially true. Yes, there is technology, and coding, and all of such things that generally, is included in the job description of a software engineer, but there is no need for you to be an expert at business functions like programming and software development.

However, basic knowledge in all of the above stated will certainly help, given the heavy intrusion of tech into the typical hr job functions, and processes. As per Statista, the renowned German market-research firm, the percentage of global firms that have adopted the use of mobile-enabled hr tech, has only grown higher between 2014 & 2020. As per the Statista’s report, 57% of organizations said that they leveraged mobile-enabled hr technology in 2019. In 2020, the aforementioned percentage has further climbed up to 64.

4 Best HR Tech Trends That Will Rule 2020

AI-Powered Analytics

There exist a number of ways to infuse this revolutionary technology into your organization’s hr business functions. By deploying AI in the hr functionalities within an organization, the best hr leaders can automate the process of rolling out feedback surveys from time to time, for the employees.

Further, if a CHRO wants to track trends related to various business aspects, such as employee performance, behavior, the result of training and development initiatives, etc., he can get a report generated against the same within a few seconds, with AI at his disposal.

Cloud-Powered HR

Cloud-centered hr business functions & processes will emerge as a ‘new normal’ in the times to come. By the end of 2020, a big percentage of organizations would already have moved their hr infrastructure to the cloud, thus ensuring better management of digital sources and company-specific vital data.

The global hr leaders will have access to a variety of hr tech tools at their disposal, in a cloud environment. For instance, hr tech-powered payroll applications will help automate monthly salary calculations of the workforce, thereby saving much time. Traditionally, it would have been a much slower process with manual calculations involved or deployment of excel sheets for the same.

Data Privacy & Security to Become a Cause of Worry

With an abundance of data on clouds, there will emerge more chances of data theft and stealing in 2020. The hr tools will increasingly go online, and it will become a worrying concern for the companies involved. It would be a big responsibility on the shoulders of the CHROs of business corporations worldwide, to safeguard their, as well as the customer’s confidential data, efficiently.

Further, the organizations simply cannot take the risk of breaching the data protection laws being exercised in their respective geographical areas, such as GDPR.

Remote Work or the WFH Policy

If there is one thing that hr tech has served the best in context of its contribution towards hr-functioning as a whole, it’s the highly-efficient remote-communication software tools, powered by futuristic technologies such as AI and automation. During the lockdown period, companies across the world have been able to keep their business processes running seamlessly, provided immense help from such revolutionary hr technology.

Parting Words

Amid all the hype around the mentioned trends in hr for 2020, a CHRO must not forget that it’s not advisable to follow them blindly. Remember, there should never be taken a ‘one-size-fits-all’ proposition while making any business decision. And therefore, it’s crucial that your organization’s compatibility with a trend should also fall in place.