4 Great Ways to Weather Proof Your Home

Weather Proof Your Home

Over 13 million Americans live in certified flood zones, despite warnings about living in areas regularly affected by severe weather.

Whether you live in a place that gets harsh hot summers, or dangerously wet winters, you know that ensuring you weather proof your house is a top priority.

How can you ensure this? What steps should you take to protect your home and family?

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1. Perform Regular Maintenance

It is important that all your electrical systems are fully functioning for as long as possible during extreme weather. The loss of heating, water filtration, plumbing systems could prove disastrous.

If you have a backup generator you should also ensure that it is regularly serviced to ensure that you can call on it when you need it the most. Click here to learn more about a company that can care for this crucial maintenance.

2. Maintain Your Roof

If there is one part of your house that will be tested during the winter season it is your roof. It is important that you ensure that it is watertight.

You should start by ensuring that the tiles are secure and that they will not quickly fly off in a storm. Next move to the inside of your roof space. If you can see daylight coming in from the outside, it could be a sign that the weather could get in and cause damage.

Each year, the hurricane season causes countless millions of dollars of damage to homes across the USA. Ensure that your roof is in the best condition possible before it starts next year.

3. Insulate Your Roof

Hurricanes are not the only threat to your house. Each year homes are bombarded with tones of snow that can cause the temperature in your house to drop below freezing.

Avoid needless loss of electricity by ensuring that you insulate your roof. You will not only save money but prevent your home from turning into an icebox during the winter.

4. Address Any Damp Issues

If you have suffered from water entry in your home in the past you could have a potential damp problem. While this is not unusual it is important to address it as soon as possible.

Not only will mold get worse over time leaving you with more intensive repairs to perform, but mold can cause respiratory problems.

How to Weather Proof Your Home and Much More

Whether you live in a hot or very wet climate, it is vital that you prepare your home for extreme weather. This not only affects the quality of your living, but it will also have a big impact on the longevity and value of your home.

By applying the tips we have discussed today you can be sure that your home is weather proof and ready for whatever mother nature throws at it.

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