3 Reasons Why Fashion Is More than the Clothes You Wear

3 Reasons Why Fashion Is More than the Clothes You Wear

Fashion is much more than simply glamour and style. It is an art form where you can express your creativity and let your imaginations run wild!

It is an incredible industry that celebrates uniqueness and diversity. It is groundbreaking in every way that not only influences change within its circle, but more importantly, shapes the culture you live in. To understand just how magnanimous the impact of fashion is global, there are various reputable fashion courses to apply to. They teach you the different trends to follow, the iconic personalities to know, and the creativity to unleash your artistry!

Fashion as an Art Form

When you talk about art, the common response is to talk about paintings, sculptures, drawings, etc. Rarely do people think of fashion and regard it as art, mainly because when people think of fashion, they think of merely clothing or an everyday essential. But what if you look at the design and the craftsmanship involved? Would that convince you that fashion is indeed an art form?

This has been a long-lasting debate: whether fashion is art or not. Whatever the case, fashion combines both creativity and utility. Some clothing pieces can be considered art, while others not. Take a look at the Met Gala, for example. The overall concept of it is to integrate costume design into the permanent art collection. And in mixing the two worlds of art and fashion, has legitimized the place of fashion within the art world.

Fashion as a Creative Outlet

Now, take a look at fashion as a way for self-expression. People dress up in clothing that represents who they are and their personalities. You can see it in the colors they choose to wear or the style that they flaunt. It’s a natural reaction to associate their fashion choices with their person.

You see people wearing suits and powerful clothing as successful individuals. You look at a person wearing bright and vibrant colors, and you see someone with a happy-go-lucky personality. With this and more, you can understand how fashion can be an extension of who you are. It’s a way for you to express yourself in the most tangible and visible way, which you can enhance through fashion courses.

Fashion is such an interesting industry that affects how you look at yourself and the way you look at others. When you take them collectively, you can see how fashion also affects culture.

Fashion as Culture

Fashion is also about knowing what is trendy, popular, and stylish–hence the term “fashionable.” It represents the present or something of the moment that speaks about the current culture in society, politics, and even economics. It is a global phenomenon that influences the times.

Think of the 20s, and you visualize glamour and art deco because it was a decade of art and excess. When you think of the 70s, you imagine retro and punk styles because it was a reaction to the political movements. And now you see people wearing anything they want, with men wearing skirts and women wearing crop tops because the culture now embraces diversity. History can be communicated through fashion, just as the future is influenced by it.

Fashion is a way to communicate ideas. It is an avenue to understand someone’s culture and backgrounds, their personalities, and their tastes. Fashion is a statement of what you see and what you want to be seen as. There is a lot of information you can gather with just a look at someone’s attire.

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