3 Historical Novels to Give You the Perfect Taste of Love in a Different Era

historical romance novels

“Are you looking for some amazing historical romance novels that will keep you up all night turning pages? Read the blog to know more.”

Love is probably the most powerful emotion that a human being can have and is capable of expressing. If you look around the world, it is love that shapes the whole world and how it runs. Love is also a huge source of creativity on this planet. No wonder, people are such big fans of romance when it comes to books, films, and music. So, when you are planning to emerge yourself into something that is an epitome of love, lose yourself in a romance novel.

Now, in the genre of romance novels, there are many categories. So, when you are thinking of getting a romance to cuddle up with in a leisurely evening or a lazy rainy Sunday, you can pick genre-wise. Amongst all, historical romance novels have their own class of readers. These stories are not just accounts of love. They are set in a past era, documenting the society and culture of the time while weaving magic with the theme of romance. Now, if you are looking for some of the best historical fiction books, then you must take a look at the following list below with the recommendations.

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Not Quite a Husband

Not Quite a Husband:
This novel by Sherry Thomas is set in the time of war. The book got published in 2009. Sherry is a brave new voice in the historical romance genre. Here, she narrates a story of an amazing woman, Bryony Asquith who challenged the propriety by becoming a doctor. She got married to an enigmatic gentleman Leo Marsden who left her just after their honeymoon owing to her bold choice of career in an unlikely era. However, three years later after the annulment of the marriage, he tracks her down half a world away in a clinic in India only to safely bring her back to England. Throughout the journey, they keep saving each other. Will they finally rekindle what they had or will the horrors of war engulf them completely? To know about the story, you must get your hands on this, one of the best historical romance novels of our time.

The Shadow and the Star images

The Shadow and the Star:
Nationally acclaimed bestselling author Laura Kinsale brings another boldly original and amazing story of two remarkable characters set in a different era. The Shadow is a man of his words, scarred deeply by past and sworn to love chastely. He is a master of ancient martial arts from distant lands. And he burns with the fire of unfulfilled passion. The Star is innocent, destitute, drawn to the Shadow like a moth to the candle only to burn herself in his: dark passion and desire. This book can be a brilliant read for you for a leisurely rainy evening. Unputdownable, this is a historical romance you must read.


Once and Always

Once and Always:
Written by New York Times bestselling writer Judith McNaught, this is a book that is often described to be a class apart. Published in 2016, this book tells the story of Victoria Seaton, a fiercely independent woman, orphan, who leaves America to claim her long lost inheritance, a huge English estate named Wakefield. And here she encounters her distant cousin, Lord Jason Fielding. Drawn by his magnetism and charisma, she suspects that he also is running away from his past, just like her. Neither of them could resist the charm of each other. But can they save what they have from some shocking revelation?

So, now as you have this list of three amazing historical romance novels, what are you waiting for? Find these free online romance novels and start reading today. Surely you are going to have some sleepless nights.

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