3 Great Places to Live in Eastern Canada


Of all of the countries in the world, more and more people look into moving to Canada the most every year. With its stereotypes of friendly people, hockey, and maple syrup, it is no shock that Canada draws attention from people all over the globe. However, there is a lot more to the beautiful country than what meets the eye.

The country has a lot to offer no matter where you are; however, if you are looking to move to eastern Canada, the following are three of the best cities to look into for your new home.

Oakville, Ontario

Ranked number one by MoneySense magazine, Oakville, a city in Ontario, is one of the best places to live. It is a small town located about thirty minutes outside of Toronto, giving Oakville citizens the convenience of the big city while still maintaining that small-town feel.

Oakville also provides all new Canadians with a great list of different parks, gardens, and trails to explore to get a taste of eastern Canadian nature. There are also plenty of museums, memorials, and public art exhibitions for any cold days you might experience.

Oakville is also an affordable place to live compared to the surrounding cities, like Toronto. Bigger cities often have real estate prices that can be even hard to look at; however, in Oakville, local real estate, such as Halton real estate is pleasing to the eyes, ears, and bank accounts. You will not be disappointed with this city.

Moncton, New Brunswick

New Brunswick is known for being a great place to live in due to its affordability, cost of housing, environment, and the people in general. Every year, more and more people choose to move to Moncton, which is growing its community by the day. You will not struggle with making friends in Moncton because you will find yourself surrounded by friendly people looking to make new connections.

There are also plenty of careers and educational opportunities everywhere due to the progressiveness of the city. If that is not convincing enough, the nature surrounding you is enough to make you pack your bags today.

You get a choice to spend your days taking a very short trip to the gorgeous beaches, or you can explore the parks and trails. There are tons of arts and entertainment in the city every day, meaning this city genuinely has it all.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

For any big city lovers, Halifax is the place to be on the east coast of Canada. As Nova Scotia’s capital, Halifax has over 400,000 residents, and that number grows each day. If that number scares you, keep in mind, there is only a .05% crime rate, making the city incredibly safe.

There is a beautiful harbor, allowing for all of the beach days your heart may desire. The town itself hosts a ton of different cultures through the restaurants, pubs, museums, art, and anything else you can imagine. Halifax will never disappoint.