3 Crucial Warning Signs You Need Foundation Repair

foundation repair

Literature is filled with quotes about the importance of having a strong foundation (in life and construction), and history is filled with examples of what happens when you don’t. For example, in 1378, a tower in a northern Italian city started to tilt due to it being constructed on an entirely unstable foundation. That tower, of course, is today world-famous and known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

This blog post will look at three crucial warning signs that your house requires foundation repair. Foundation repair is effectively the work carried out to underpin and stabilize a building that has moved from its original level. So read on if you aren’t keen on having five million tourists taking photographs of your house each year.

1. Visibile Cracks On the Wall or Floor

If you have foundation damage on your property, you may start to notice the appearance of cracks throughout your house. One of the most common types of foundation cracks is vertical hairline cracks. You’ll find these in the mortar between concrete blocks.

Other types of cracks include l-shaped cracks, diagonal cracks, step cracks, and horizontal cracks. If you notice the latter, in particular, where the cracks are running sideways, you should immediately contact a foundation repair company.

Another thing to be on the lookout for is cracks in your chimney. An unleveled foundation or excessive moisture can result in your chimney being cracked, broken, or crooked. If you’re concerned about foundation damage, take a closer look at your chimney.

2. Misaligned Windows and Doors

Doors and windows are fitted to be perfectly aligned inside of their frames. If you notice that they have become misaligned and no longer sit plum, this is a tell-tale sign that foundation damage has occurred.

Movement in your house’s foundation can cause the frames of doors and windows to shift. The result is that you may have difficulty opening and closing windows and doors.

3. Unusual Smells In Your Basement

If you notice an unpleasant smell in your basement, it could be mildew. This could be related to leaking basement walls, another sign that your foundations have been damaged.

A build-up of moisture in your foundation could cause damage, so be sure to keep an eye (and a nose) out for any mildew in your basement.

When Your Suspect Foundation Repair, Don’t Delay

Foundation issues are a serious matter, and if you suspect an issue, you should not delay contacting a foundation repair expert. Sweeping this issue under the rug will only result in a bigger problem down the road and likely a much greater repair expense.

Your house depends on a strong foundation. If your house needs foundation repair, don’t delay in seeking expert help. If you are still unsure and asking, “Do I need foundation repair?” it pays to seek the assistance of a professional who knows.

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