3 Best Inexpensive Seedbox of 2019 Revised


If you’re a person that ships Torrent over Netflix, welcome to the gang! With Torrent, one can enjoy free downloads and uploads for unique global content. However, currently owing to IPS tracking and other issues, Torrent has gone undercover.

Today, maximum people are grudgingly playing their Netflix or Prime subscription to enjoy shows. Luckily, you do not have to fall into this category!

How? Well, if you own a seedbox, chances are you can go behind the governments back and browse movies and shows in convert mode. Now, you might wonder what these seedboxes are. Well for starters, seedbox or plex hosting server is a BiT Torrent jargon.

Explaining it in Brief 

One of the most popular plex hosting servers, seedbox offers high-speed upload/download speed which allows easy seeding, without hampering internet data.

The range of seedbox speed varies from 10Gbps (1250MB/s) to 100Mbps (8MB/s). What’s more? People owing seedboxes can download unlimited Torrents into their personal computer without having to worry about the government tracking their every move.

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Well now that you’re aware of seedboxes, you might want to find the best plex hosting company to get these. Thankfully! This blog has the answers you seek.

However, before that –

You know that the government is tracking your every move, right? So, you get caught using unlicensed Torrent, you can seriously get into trouble with the law. Thus, make sure you have a good VPN connection to help secure your privacy.

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Now, moving to the topics –

4 Best Seedbox 2019!

  1. Rapidseedbox

One of the best seedbox with excellent performing VPS, Rapidseebox offers one of a kind dedicated IP address along with unlimited bandwidth. It also has a RAM with a remote desktop feature for the optimal performance of the server.

Additionally, Rapidseedbox flaunts fantastic user interface that is compatible with CentOS, Ubuntu and Windows OS. It further has pre-installed applications like Dropbox, OpenVPN, XHCE Desktop, Firefox, FileZilla, HandBreake and more. The best part is it’s even compatible with Torrent clients lie uTorrent, rTorrent, Deluge and more. Apart from this if you’re using Rapidseedbox, rest assured that you’re going to be anonymous on the World Wide Web

  1. Cloudboxes.io

One of the best service providers to consider for seedbox is Cloudboxes.io! This plex media server features excellent customer assistance, file mangers and an open-source VPN. Additionally, it provides an exceptional user interface which makes using Torrents very easy.

The best part is Cloudboxes.io is quite cheap too, along with providing speed ranging within80 to 100 MB per second. Furthermore, thanks to the open VPN, your online identity remains anonymous too.

  1. Seedbox.io

Are you on the lookout for a seedbox provider offering inexpensive seedbox with loads of variety? Well, then Seedbox.io won’t disappoint. This plex hosting server features a dedicated server with lightning-fast download speed with a minimum range of ‘0 Gbits uplinks.’

Additionally, the plans provided by Seedbox.io is flexible with unusual transfer protocols like SFTP, FTP, HTTP and others. As a result of this plex server, one can surely enjoy optimal performances.

On that note, now that you’re aware of the 3 best seedbox services and the best ones in the market, invest in these now. You can also check online to find a more equipped plex hosting server. Good luck!