15 IT Certifications that Pay the Big Bucks



IT workers with an expert in different fields in technology areas are always in the greatest demand and have the largest paying checks comparing to the other fields and sectors of the world and if you are looking for the best IT certificates who has the highest pay then it is all here that you want.

The best and top paying IT certifications are these all:

Google Profesional Cloud Architect:

The average salary is $175,761, having the cloud skill for any organization is very critical to working in the cloud, and because of this IT workers are struggling for this for having the qualified persons for the cloud job openings and the average specialist in the cloud computing in united states is over $160,000 in a year.

So, want to have a dream job and salary then you have to pass this Google Profession Cloud Architect certification.

CISM Certification:

The CISM is the Certified Information Security Manager who has the average salary of $148,622, the people who require the cybersecurity certification, and getting a high buck here the CISM is the important certification for you all. CISM is the highest level of qualification for the best leadership and having management roles.

To get this certification of the security you should clear to get the CISM certification which has the four areas.

  1. ISG (Information Security Governance)
  2. IRM(Information Risk Management)
  3. ISPDM(Information Security Program Development and Management)
  4. ISIM(Information Security Incident Management)

AWS Architect Associate Certification:

The AWS certified in solutions Architect Associate has the average salary of $149,446, you are having the designing skills in the cloud infrastructures and the reference architectures and the applications so you are at the right certification the AWS certifications deals with these all skills and you have these skills and you want the dream of a higher buck’s

You have to clear the certification of AWS Solutions Architect Associate and before getting this exam  AWS also wants the one year experience so the person should have one 1-year experience in designing systems before getting the exam for the certification.

CRISC Certification:

The Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) certification has an average salary of $146,480, the CRISC sees the ability to identify the IT risk. The security manager or a security architect is the common jobs for CRISC certification.

To get the certification you have to pass the CRISC certification in which it also has the four areas.

  1. ITRI (IT Risk the identification)
  2. ITRA(IT Risk Assessment)
  3. RRM(Risk Response & Mitigation)
  4. RCMR(Risk Control, Monitoring & Reporting)

PMP Certification

The Project Management Professional  (PMP) certification has the average salary of $143,493 firstly the PMP was first and managed by PMI (Project Management Institute), the PMP is the most significant industry for the Project Managers, they give their assurance to their employers that the project manager has the capability of experience and knowledge to define their projects.

So to get this certification you should have the experience of project management, to certify the exam of PMP the individual should have 35 hours for the PMP related training, and if those who don’t have the graduation degree they should have 7,500 hours of project management experience, and those who have done graduation should do 4,500 hours of work experience in project management.

CISSP Certification:

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Certification has an average salary of $141,452. The CISSP certification is based on the few areas in the cybersecurity

  1. Security and risk management
  2. Benefit for security
  3. Security architecture
  4. Security operations
  5. Software development security

To get the certification of CISSP, you also should have 5 years of experience, and work experience in any of these above  CISSP areas.

CISA Certification:

The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification has an average salary of $132,278. To have this certification you should the knowledge for cybersecurity skills, and to get this you should pass the CISA certification and in this exam, it consists of some areas

  1. Auditing the Information Systems
  2. Administrator and the management of IT
  3. Protection of Information Assets

AWS  Cloud Practitioner:

The AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification has an average salary of $131,465. For knowing cloud infrastructure and the architect principles and have the basic security then you should get the AWS cloud Practitioner certification for getting the best job and the highest salary.

VCP6-DCV Certification:

The VMware Certified Professional  6 has an average salary of $130,226. For having this certification you should have the knowledge for the virtual infrastructure using the VCP6DCV and after getting the certification done you will learn how to utilize, and combine virtualization technologies.

ITIL Certification:

The ITIL certification has an average salary of $129,402. This certification is different from the other certificates as it is the foundation certificate and it is said as the higher IT salary and it is the substructure for managing the lifecycle of IT and it focuses on the intersection on IT and the business need.

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Azure Fundamentals Certification:

The Microsoft Azure fundamentals Certification has an average salary of $126,653. For this certificate, you should have the basic cloud computing concepts and the security concepts and targeted experiences like program managers and sales representatives, so if you are a specialist in this type of knowledge you can try for this certification with the highest bucks.

Azure Administrator Associate Certification:

The Microsoft Azure Administrator associate gives the average salary of $125,993. For this certificate, you should have a deep knowledge of every service of the IT lifecycle and will also take the appeal for the infrastructure services.

So to get the certification you should pass the exam of AZ-103. For getting the certificate for the Azure Administrator Associate Certificate.

CCA-N Certification:

The Citrix Certified Associate- Networking certification has an average salary of $125,264. It takes the coverage of Net Scalar implementation. So to get the certificate of CCA-N you have to clear either between the two exams Citrix CCAN 1YO-230 or the Citrix CCAN 1YO-240.

CCNP Certification:

The CCNP Certification of switching and routing has an average salary of $119,178. These certificates are for the networking and the administrations who merge with the professionals on security and video solutions. So for getting the CCNP certification the people should clear two exams- core exam and the other is a concentration exam’s

CCP-V Professional Virtualisation Certification:

The Citrix Profesional Virtualisation Certification has an average salary of $117,069. For getting this certificate you must clear the exam of 1YO-311 to get the certificate of CCP-V certification

So this was all about different IT certifications for getting a higher salary.