12 Tips for you To Assemble your Furniture at Home


We separated these super easy tips to help you assemble your furniture.

Currently, with the growth of online furniture sales and the convenience of receiving your product at home quickly and safely, the practice of assembling furniture is becoming more popular.

The assembly of furniture in the do-it-yourself style without handyman services is common in many countries. Still, in the United Arab Emirates, it has always been seen as an animal with seven heads. With the current scenario and the ease of finding everything on the internet, this reality is changing. The fact that manufacturers are improving their manuals also contributes to these actions. The insertion of new formats, like explanatory videos and contents of tips with doubts more frequently, facilitates consumer life.

For you who want to know a little more step by step how to assemble your furniture quickly and easily, here are some tips that our assembly and quality team at movers in Dubai made especially to help you with this task. The most important thing is to have patience and organization and correctly follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the manual.

Check out the following 12 tips:

1. Choose and prepare the assembly environment

To start, choose a flat, clean place. Separate a space that is sufficient to order the pieces and circulate the furniture. Ideally, in large items, the assembly should be done in the correct room, to avoid any damage when moving. To avoid damaging the floor, the tip is to line with the boxes of the product itself.

2. Plan assembly time

The manufacturer usually spends an estimated time for assembly. If you are a beginner, consider a margin beyond that indicated to organize without surprises. The ideal is that you assemble the furniture on the same day, avoiding mess at home or losing and damaging any furniture piece.

3. Check carefully the manual that came with the product

You must find the manual and follow all instructions contained therein. See if you understand what is described and additional content such as montage videos or tips.

The secret to assembling correctly is to follow the step by step in order, as stated in the manufacturer’s manual.

4. Separate hardware and parts

Remove all items from the boxes and identify them one by one according to the instructions in the manual. Make sure everything is available and in perfect condition for use.

If any parts are missing or identify any damage, contact the supplier before assembly to request help.

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Just start the assembly with everything separate and the parts in perfect condition.

5. Separate the necessary tools

Make sure you have all the tools described in the assembly manual available. And be very careful when handling them.

Having all the material you need on hand can help make the process faster.

6. Check the number of people indicated for the assembly

It is also important to see if one person can assemble the product, or if there is a need to involve two or more people.

For larger pieces of furniture, double assembly is recommended due to the pieces’ size and the degree of difficulty. So, check it out correctly so that this is not a hindrance.

7. Be careful when tightening the screws and fixing the hardware

The assembly must be done with great care and precision, avoiding the excessive use of force. Tighten the screws until they lock, preventing dust or damage to the product. If you are going to use a screwdriver, be sure to adjust for the right tightening.

Slides and hinges must be installed following the correct drilling. If it is necessary to make a hole, you must take care of the levelling and the position indicated by the manufacturer. This will prevent the furniture from being bent.

8. Follow the materials described in each step correctly

Hardware and parts can be very similar. So make sure you use the items correctly at each stage of the assembly. An incorrectly used item can compromise the entire assembly and damage the product. Understand that each screw has a specific size and purpose.

9. Stay connected with the right side of the pieces

Some parts have the correct side for use as tops, bases, baseboards. For the furniture to have the correct finish, always see which side should face inward and which outward. And which part of the piece is visible and which is not.

10. Take care to use all parts

At the end of the assembly, no parts can remain. All material that was shipped with the product has a purpose. If in the end, you have spare parts, review the manual and find out where you went wrong.

11. Position the furniture in the correct location

After assembly, it is time to position the furniture in its environment. If you are just going to lean the furniture against the wall, see exactly where you want to place it to have enough space to move around.

For furniture that must be fixed to the wall, check the space, the ideal height, and the furniture’s levelling. Use a tape measure or measuring tape to make the necessary adjustments and holes. Never fix the furniture on the wall without being sure which is the best position.

Always follow the supplier’s instructions regarding wall mounting. Many pieces of furniture need to be fixed for better functioning.

12. Adjust and level the furniture

Once positioned, feet, doors, and drawers must be levelled. It is natural that these items need adjustment due to some unevenness in the wall, michael tell patty duke and
floor or the displacement of the furniture itself.

In some cases, it will be necessary to re-adjust doors and drawers after starting use, or even in the case of kitchens, after placing appliances and countertops. This is normal and requires only that you follow the step by step in the manual.

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Ready! If you followed all the tips, for sure, the assembly was completed successfully, and you have a piece of furniture assembled at the greatest whim.

If you do not feel safe to carry out the assembly, even with all these tips, you need not worry. Hire a carpenter and make sure he follows these steps correctly so that you have a product in perfect condition for use.