12 Important Tips for Landlords to Remember

tips for landlords

Are you thinking about becoming a landlord? Whether you are buying rental properties or you want a career in property management, working as a landlord requires a variety of skills.

You need to know how to communicate, work in an organized manner, market your properties, and understand the technical side of the business. Not learning and using these skills can result in a disaster that might end in a lawsuit or even the closure of your business.

For this reason, following a few helpful tips for landlords and industry best practices is key.

Using the right tips and implementing a few best practices can help you avoid the common landlord horror stories you might have heard. And while there are certain problems you are likely to face, you can handle them with the ease and professionalism that comes with being competent at your job.

Fortunately, becoming a successful landlord isn’t a complicated task. By doing your research and having a solid plan in place, you can successfully manage your properties.

If you are wondering how to be a great property manager, here are several tips you need to follow.

1. Know the Landlord-Tenant Laws

The most important tip for being a landlord is to know the landlord-tenant laws. This is important because if you are not obeying the laws, you can end up involved in a lawsuit. Study the laws and make sure you are following them at all times.

2. Remain Professional at All Times

A useful best practice to follow is to remain professional at all times. Although it might not always feel like it, being a landlord is a profession.

Avoid arguing with your tenants, threatening or intimidating them, making promises you can’t keep, and more. Not only is this behavior unprofessional, but it will also give you and your company a bad reputation.

3. Always Screen Potential Tenants

An essential tip for being a successful landlord is to implement a robust tenant screening process. You can do this by identifying the common reasons for eviction and using your screening process to weed out anyone who has red flag behavior. While you should never discriminate, you should choose tenants who can add to the environment you want to create.

4. Have a Well-Written Lease

One tip you should always follow is to have a well-written lease. Include everything in your lease that’s important and have it checked by your lawyer.

Ultimately, the lease you provide will protect you and your company if it’s well-written. You should also update your lease as needed.

5. Use Property Management Software

If you want to take some of the stress out of being a landlord, consider using property management software. This is a great way to automate certain tasks, manage your accounting, communicate with your tenants, and scale your business.

6. Maintain Your Property

One of the most important landlord tips to follow is to maintain your property. If your property is in disrepair, it will be unattractive to potential renters. Not only that, if you do not keep up with your responsibilities as a landlord, you can find yourself dealing with a lawsuit if a tenant is hurt on your property.

7. Create Multiple Streams of Revenue

A great tip that will help you boost your revenue as a landlord is to add multiple streams of income that are related to your property. You can offer paid parking, install vending machines, offer paid storage, and more. This is ideal for landlords of apartment complexes.

8. Set a Strategic Rent Price

When it comes to pricing your rental unit, it pays to be strategic. Rather than just coming up with a number, research the market in your area to determine the fair market rent. Make sure you are keeping in mind the amount of rent you collect versus the amount of your expenses.

9. Require Renter’s Insurance

A helpful landlord tip to follow is to require renter’s insurance. This is a safeguard for both you and your tenant. Renter’s insurance gives your tenant a way to be compensated should any damage occur. Renter’s insurance also protects you from potential lawsuits from disgruntled tenants.

10. Hire Security for Your Property

If you own an apartment complex, consider hiring security for your property. This is a great way to ensure your tenants feel safe and sound in their homes.

Hiring security is also ideal for dissuading would-be criminals on your property. As a bonus, your security guard can also perform additional duties for your property.

11. Get Everything in Writing

A great tip to follow as a landlord is to get everything in writing. While you might feel a friendly connection with your tenants, you do need to keep in mind you are running a business.

Make sure to put everything in writing and save it for the future. You can supercharge your efforts by keeping a file on each tenant.

12. Resolve Disputes Immediately

As a landlord, you will likely have occasional disputes with your tenants, between your tenants, and between your tenants and staff. These disputes are normal but they can quickly spiral out of control if you are not careful.

Make sure to resolve all disputes as quickly as you can. You should also ensure you are being as fair as possible, regardless of who is involved in the dispute.

These Are the Best Tips for Landlords to Be Successful

By using these tips for landlords, you can manage your property in the best way possible.

Start by understanding and following the landlord-tenant laws. You should also remain professional at all times, maintain your property, and set a strategic rent price.

Make sure to screen your tenants, get everything in writing, and invest in property management software. Work on resolving disputes and problems immediately to create a peaceful environment for your tenants.

Follow these tips to become a successful landlord.

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