10 Ways To Replicate Luxury Bedroom Design At Home


The bedroom of affluent hotels is the epitome of luxury, comfort, style and relaxed time. To make your bedroom at home give you the same look and feel, check these simple ways to experience luxe at the comfort of home. 

Who doesn’t feel the love at first sight just by entering the sumptuous and exquisite hotel room? The one-tone colour symmetry, smooth light, overstuffed pillows, matching linen, the right mirror and accessories makes the whole environment perfect and welcoming. To achieve a similar bedroom design of London style at home, we should keep in mind a lot of minute to important things mentioned below. If done right, one can experience the pure, boutique hotel-style bedroom at home.

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  • Colour is the key:


The most crucial factor in creating a hotel-like-bedroom is the colour tone. If it is right, it can create the right mood and even induce sleep. One should consider the overall colour scheme that includes walls, linen, bed, wardrobe finishes, floorings and even accessories. Often the easy-neutral plan works as the right foundation for hotel-inspired space. 


  • Wallcovering to create depth in a space:


There are two things to take care of while choosing the wall coverings for the bedroom. To make it a luxury bedroom design, select the wallpaper that you love and second, depending upon the subtle or selected textured one with or without pairing with paint, choose as many wallcoverings as you can under the overall appeal. 

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  • Colour contrast scheme:


Gone are the trends when a pop of colour could create the right project for a luxurious feel. Dark wood, black accents, rose-gold, bronze, metallic pop can genuinely transform the palette. The right mix and match can create the correct statement to the bedroom. One can add the punch with a little addition of bright colour through soft furnishing and accessories. 


  • Focal point: the bed:


When you plan to create a hotel-like bedroom, comfort should be the priority. Therefore, one should design a large bed in the space possible; after all, the goodnight’s sleep will always win over everything else. One should place the couch in the centre, and one can design the rest symmetrically around it. 


  • Wow factor: the headboard:


Since the bed is the focal point of the room, the headboard comes hand-in-hand to create that oomph factor and encourages height too. Hence, one can give a feeling of height and space by designing a full-height vertical headboard hung on the wall to provide enough backrest and work as an attractive wall covering too. 


  • Additional furniture:


If you are lucky to have a big spaced bedroom, nothing like placing a small table and chairs to add to the hotel-like look. In the worst case, an upholstered bench, or an ottoman works wonders too. 


  • The right linen:


One of the essential keys to having a bedroom design of London is to have linen for that luxe feel. Investing in good linen is always a good idea because it not just attracts the eyes but also provides a high-quality feel. The bedroom is the last place you want to crash in for a relaxing goodnight sleep. 


  • Apt window treatments:


For a streamlined bedroom look, working on the windows with the right blinds or curtains is vital. The best way to create height and add grandeur to space is to hang the curtains from the height. If you are a nature lover, one can also use a semi-sheer blind in white to let the natural light diffuse. 


  • Mirrors and artworks:


Other than the not-so-mandatory TV hanging on the wall, beautiful mirrors and artwork can play a significant role in creating space and give the boutique hotel feel. They work as the focal point to the empty walls and hence consider using foxed or antiqued finished wall décor that is soothing to the eyes. 


  •   Other tiny accessories:


One shouldn’t miss some little accessories as a styling tool to complete the luxury bedroom design. Luxury scented candles, small perfume bottles, pillow sprays are a win-win styling tool as they not only make the environment smell beautiful but also induce relaxing sleep.

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