10 Unknown Interesting Facts About Money Heist


Money Heist has been the most popular show around the world, which has crossed the limits of fandom. But there are some facts that most of the fans don’t know about. Recently the Netflix has launched a documentary film Money Heist: the Phenomenon. The documentary reveals several facts and the problem that the show, the cast, and the crew has gone through, how this beloved show was rescued and snatched its rightful victory from the jaws of defeat. The series has up till now have aired four seasons successfully, with even greater popularity.

1. The Show was Considered a Failure, and Nearly Canceled

The first season of this series, “La Casa De Papel,” was premiered in Spain on the Spanish channel Antena 3. It was highly acclaimed by the viewers, as its first episode amassed a 4.3 million viewership on Antena 3. However, as time passed, a clear decline in the viewership, along with its ratings, was observed. Even the grand finale was not as grand as it was expected. The series crew has already accepted their failure presuming it to be a flop, and it was about to be canceled, Netflix came to the rescue and acquired it.

Apart from acquiring the series, Netflix changed its title, from La casa De Papel to Money Heist, and added it into its library with a little promotion. But it reached a tasteful audience, and they loved it. The popularity raised with such a speed globally that it seemed obvious that there would be a number of seasons waiting ahead.

2. Parallel Script Writing

Mostly series are written all the way from episode one to the final episode, long before the launch of the pilot episode. But not in the case of Money Heist, as the writer is continuously writing the next few coming episodes at regular intervals. The logic behind doing this to see the response of the audience at particular things and events, and after analyzing the scenario story, is further extended, which is quite risky but an exciting strategy to develop a popular series like this one.

3. Lost in Translation

There is confusion among the people, as many still believe that Money Heist and La Casa de Papel are two separate series; in fact, they are the same series. The series was already named La Casa de Papel, but when the time came for showing it to the international and English speaking audience, it needed to have some other title. Eventually, it was named in English as Money Heist, which is not even close to the actual meaning of the original title, which would have been The House of Paper. The reason behind naming it Money Heist is that the characters were involved in a heist to steal money from the Royal Mint.

4. The Title “La Casa De Papel”

Naming the title is one of the most important things while building the concept of any show. The title must be short, catchy, grasping, and giving more or less idea of what the series is all about. The original title of the series in Spanish is La Casa De Papel, which actually go soundly with the series, it wasn’t the first title they chose. Alex Pina, the creator of the series, chose the title La Desahuciados, meaning “The Outcasts,” as all the team members were social outcasts. But later on, it was decided to name the series La Casa de Papel, as the opening scene depicts the gang looting The Royal Mint, which is a “paper house” in reality.

5. Change of Location

Initially, the production unit wanted to shoot their big scene at The Royal Mint of Spain, which comes under the authority of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Business. Regardless of several efforts made, they have not given permission to shoot there. The production came up with a similar location for filming the scene. Fortunately, Madrid is filled with historical buildings that are similar in structure. So they selected the National Research Council (CSIS) for filming a couple of scenes outside, whereas the rest of the shoot was managed in the studios.

6. Tokyo/ Names of the Characters

It happened all the time in life when you came up with extraordinary ideas from very ordinary things. The same happened here while naming the gang members. As you all know that the gang members are named after famous cities, and it seems as it is a result of a very thoughtful process.  But it all began when Money Heist creator Alex Pina came to work wearing a shirt, on which Tokyo was written. This gave inspiration to his colleague Jesus Colmenar, and this is where it all started.

7. The Hidden Tribute/ Iconography Inspired Protest and Burglary Attempts

Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacindo Dali i Domenech was a Spanish Surrealist artist, commonly known as Salvador Dali, who contributed to the bizarre world of art. The bizarre style he got and anti-modern capitalist views left a big mark on the Spanish and the world art scene. The show uses this infamous face as a mask to pay respect and attention to this infamous artist artwork and to make a revival to his memory.

As “Bella Cia “was a song of protest long before the Money Heist. The song was sung at difficult moments at different times in the series, and it became the symbol of victory in the midst of rebellion. It was the inspiration for the fictional robbers on Netflix, but now its inspiring real protestors as it was recently sung at different protests across the globe. The song, along with the iconic red jumpsuit that is the Money Heist Costume, along with the Salvador Dali mask, is seen in the protests in Lebanon, Iraq, France, and Chile. The “Ciao Bella” was used to rally the antifascists in Italy during WWII.

8. Netflix Upgrade / The Season 1 Never Left Madrid Spain

Although Money Heist has always shown the international location in the series, the truth is that the season one of the series and the cast never left Spain in its entire duration. It was being managed on a smaller budget as the scenes were shot in a bit modest way. All the scenes portraying foreign locales were either be recreated by the dedicated set workers or developed through the works of CGI. Their budgets get expanded dramatically when Netflix came into the picture.  Now its Netflix‘s most popular series, season two is as international as the gang members code names.

9. The Secret Name/ Alvaro Morte

The most interesting thing that people like about the series that the heist gang goes by the names of the famous cities around the world, except for the one character “The Professor.” The Professor is a totally different and significant character, but most of the fans don’t know that he also has an unofficial name, that is the Vatican City. It is a quite perfect name for the character Alvaro Morte as it is a city that is very well, protected, and mysterious with overwhelming knowledge.

10. Fans Among Celebrities

The show has become the heartthrob of many, so how come it is possible that celebrities like Neymar and Stephen King won’t fall for it.  The football star was so much into it that he contacted the production and asked to take part in the series. Therefore, you can see in the third season of the series; there is a scene where a Brazilian monk named Joao makes an appearance in the episode. People who know Neymar may not believe that is him, but he really made a cameo appearance in season three.