10 Tips to Relieve Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

pregnancy tips

When you are an expecting mom even if you sit for 15 minutes you will end up getting swollen feet weight. During the entire pregnancy, many of us have experienced swollen feet, legs, hands, a face.

 Basically, these swellings are caused due to the high retention of fluids inside the body tissues. Swollen hands, legs occur during the 2nd trimester and increases towards the rest of the months till the delivery.

Here are some tips to relieve swollen feet during pregnancy:

  1. Avoid being immobile for a long time
    Avoid sitting or standing for a time duration. If the situation for standing is unavoidable then take regular breaks in between. It is advisable to sit for a while and then continue with the work. If you work demands long hours of sitting then take regular breaks and walks. Avoid sitting cross-legged. It is best to take a small walk every 30 minutes. If you have a sitting job, take a short break every 1 hour at least.

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  1. Sleep on your left-hand side
    Starting from the initial month, sleep on your left side. This will apply less pressure on the blood carrying veins. These veins carry blood from legs and hands to your heart. You can also use pillows to elevate your legs while sleeping. Make sure you have a peaceful and comfortable sleep. 
  1. Choose comfortable and airy footwear

Swelling of ankles and feet is very common during pregnancy but you may find difficulty in wearing the shoes since the foot size will be large due to swelling. You may also find difficulty in fitting into older shoes.

Avoid selecting footwear with heels, you can opt for athletic shoes to reduce swelling on feet and ankles. Additionally, it will also reduce the swelling pain. Look for good and comfortable shoes from a reliable brand.  Moreover, invest in quality walking shoes.

  1. Eat a healthy balanced diet

During the entire pregnancy, you always should follow healthy eating habits. Avoid relishing on junk foods.  Always eat healthy and wholesome meals and also snacks. Keep the level of salt and sugarless in all the food. Drink ample water and use the washroom frequently. The best practice is to 

  • Include lots of fruits and vegetable daily. 
  • Reduce the intake of sugar and salts.
  • Avoid eating fatty, processed and packaged foods.
  • Include a natural source of vitamin C food like bell pepper, broccoli, tomatoes, green beans and vitamin E food like walnuts sunflower seeds, sweet corn
  • include antioxidant and rich food like cranberries, blueberries, Artichoke, Kidney beans and potassium-rich food like sweet potatoes, bananas, Avocado, Acorn squash, Spinach.
  • Limit sodium intake

Avoid using excessive salt in your diet. High consumption of salt can retain water in your body. To prevent water accumulation, you can drink vegetable juice and smoothies. Coriander leaves, mint and spinach leave work as a saviour to flush out excessive water. 

  1. Always be well hydrated
    Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day and include a lot of fluids like buttermilk, coconut water, milk. The fluids will help to flush out toxins and high sodium levels from the body as waste. Never cut down on water intake, it is best to reduce the caffeine intake. 
  2. Wear airy clothes
    Tight clothes and socks can have an adverse effect on the free blood flow and fluids in the body. Always choose to wear comfortable and airy clothes. Invest in good quality maternity wear preferably in cotton.  You can opt for comfortable Indian wears and avoid thick fabric like denim and woollens. 
  3. Follow routine exercises
    Always follow an exercises routine. You can start simple excesses like walking, yoga. This will ensure the blood circulation in your body. Always consult with a doctor before starting to exercise.
  4. Reduce caffeine intake and quit smoking

Do not smoke or take alcohol during pregnancy. Cut down the intake of caffeine as it can lead to swelling.

  1. Soak Feet in warm water
    you can gently massage your feet and legs to relieve the pain. Also, soak your feet in warm water to reduce the discomfort.

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