10 Of the Best Things to Do in Pai, Thailand

Thailand Tour Packages
Thailand Tour Packages

Pai is a beautiful petite mountain village situated in a valley 135km from the city of Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand. The stunning natural surroundings along with the hippy enclave of Pai attracts backpackers from a long time. It remains as one of the favorite destinations among artists, backpackers as well as hippies because of its laid-back lifestyle and unspoiled pristine beauty.

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It’s an offbeat destination but that doesn’t mean you should avoid visiting this beautiful Thai island in the mountains. It is surrounded by cafes, hot springs, paddy fields, and beautiful nature. There are many sites to explore and as many things to do in this lovely island, so while planning your Thailand Tour Packages don’t forget to include few of the must do things in Pai island.

Pai Canyon

One of the most beautiful things to explore is Pai canyon, bestowed with some brilliant views and fun hikes. Don’t miss witnessing the amazing sunset from Pai Canyon, during sunset 360-degree view of the surrounding hills look astounding. Leave early to enjoy the beautiful site because the path is narrow with a drop of more than 50meters on each side, so you have to be careful. Also, the hike is not simple and will require all your limbs to climb and navigate your way through the canyon. This hike is not for children and also carry comfortable shoes and clothes, reach on time, take a nice spot to sit & enjoy the sunset.

Rent a Scooter

The beauty of Pai is in the countryside, in its mountains, waterfalls, hot springs, and lush green landscapes. The best way to explore this hidden gem is by renting a scooter because all the famous sites in Pai are easily accessible via scooter and having your own set of wheels gives you the freedom to enjoy every awesome site as per your preference while saving your time as well as money. The rural roads, fresh air in the backdrop of lush green surroundings make driving in Pai a real delight.
Explore the Waterfalls: Pai is blessed with a number of beautiful waterfalls and your trip is incomplete without visiting them.

Mo Paeng Waterfall

The easiest one to reach from town, it’s a beautiful natural water slide that falls right into the natural pool below. Its easy accessibility from town makes it most popular and crowded.

Pam Bok Waterfall

You will need a scooter to reach this waterfall and it is less crowded as compare to Mo Paeng. Perfect place for a refreshing swim and from here you can head towards the Su Thong Pae viewpoint, a 500m long bamboo bridge that stretches across rice fields.

Mae Yen Waterfall

This is one of the falls suited for adventure seekers only, those who want to enjoy a good hiking experience. You have to cross rivers, hop over falling trees, and hike for almost 2.5 – 3 hours through the jungle. It’s a fun and adventurous hike but remembers it is not for the faint-hearted or lazy traveler.

Discover Natural Hot Springs

If you want a relaxing soak, head towards Tha Pai Hot Springs. There are many hot springs in Pai, Sai Ngam and Ta Pai Hot Springs are among the most sought and famous hot springs. Sai Ngam is also known as a secret hot spring and run by the local Karen hill tribe, it is one of the most reasonable and natural hot springs. Tha Pai Hot Springs, on the other hand, is most famous but quite expensive. The water vapor along with the smell of sulfur makes it a magical experience.

Land Split

While visiting the beautiful Pam Bok waterfall, don’t forget to add the land split, a nice place that is definitely worth a visit. It is basically a crack in the earth caused by earthquakes a few years back followed by soil erosion. It was always a working farm until the natural phenomena changed everything. The farmers turned this land into a tourist attraction. When you reach there, they will offer you samples of fresh fruits, nuts, sweet potato, jams, Rosella juice for a donation and even sell incredible Rosella wine. You can also walk around the orchard on the land split loop and even check out the gap in the earth.

Visit the White Buddha

Wat Phra That Mae Yen, which is famously known as White Buddha, situated on a hill facing the Pai town. It’s an exciting 2km walk from town with 353 steps to the top, these steps make a great cardio workout in the morning. The statue is also visible from town, also to get the incredible view of the town from the top visit this beautiful site during sunset.

Tham Lod Cave

It is situated 40km from Pai and worth adding in your Thailand Tour Packages. While on your way to the cave you will enjoy the winding roads up the mountains and an incredible viewpoint called Kiw Lom. The cave complex consists of three chambers, remarkable rock formations, stalagmites, stalactites, and pillars. You need to hire a guide who can guide you through the dark, incredibly large and impressive limestone cave. You can also take the bamboo raft down the river and float on a bamboo raft that runs through the cave. Bamboo rafting is the only option to access the back of the cave. It’s a remarkable experience and you will find hundreds of huge fishes swimming alongside you.

Do try yoga or Muay Thai

You can add yoga or Muay Thai in your Pai trip, one of the best things to do when you are in Pai to keep yourself fit and healthy. Pai is not only famous for Yoga and reiki, but you will also find tai chi, qi gong, and other internal disciplines. These classes are delivered by teachers living in Pai who offer private classes at neighboring health retreats.

Pai is a destination where people come and stay for a long time because of the low prices, lovely nature, and the laid-back lifestyle. That’s why don’t forget to include this beautiful Thai island in your Thailand Tour Packages.

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