10 Natural Remedies to Help Get Rid of Your Pest Problem at Home or Any Building


Pest problems in households and all types of buildings is one of the biggest headache sources for owners and renters. Thing with pests, bugs and insects is that they multiply so quickly that spotting them in time is nearly impossible. Once they break into your home and nest, it will become a problem soon.

Pest control Surrey in Vancouver, Canada is one of the most needed services. Most cold and wet places of the world will struggle with pest problems often. Instead of using chemicals that can be harmful for living beings other than pests as well, you are better with nontoxic pest removal methods.

Nontoxic Pest Removal and Pest Control Tips

Of course, there are so many chemicals in shape of sprays and liquids available for pest elimination. Yet, these strong chemicals can also be harmful for your pets and yourself as well as pests. With the right approach, ants, mice, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other pests can be removed with natural remedies.

1: Keep Flies Away with Basil

Smell of basil is a big no go for flies of all kinds. Placing pots of fresh natural basil along doorways and windowpanes is a great pest control tip. Smell of basil won’t kill any flies but will deter any from entering into your home at all times.

2: Citrus Drives Spiders Away

Spiders hate everything citrus. Lemon juice can be that spider killing and spider removal weapon you need. Mix lemon juice in water with high concentration and fill up a spray bottle. Spray on all countertops, doorways, cracks in walls, corners and windowpanes. Wipe away access and no spiders.

3: Vinegar Beats Ants

Quality pest control Vancouver service options are always there. But, if you want a home remedy for ants, vinegar is probably the most effective. Ants hate vinegar and its smell. They won’t wonder close where there is vinegar. Mark lines into window and door entrances or wall holes to keep them away.

4: Sugar and Borax Combo for Roaches

Roaches bothering you too much? Attract them with sugar and kill them with borax. Simple and efficient. Mix equal parts of sugar and borax (that laundry powder) in a container. Leave some of the mixture on your windows, cracks, door entrances or anywhere you see bugs. Attract and kill!

5: Catnip – Great for Mosquito Repelling

Mosquitoes are not fond of catnip at all. Studies have proven that catnip essential oil is a great mosquito repellent. The effect is even more that DEET. All you need to do is to apply undiluted catnip oil to your skin. You will be protected for up to two hours with one application.

6: Make Flies Go Away with Salt

Something as basic as simple house salt can work great for flies. Yes! It does. Salt however, works against flea eggs. Fleas have a 3-day reproduction cycle. Apply salt to your floors and all cracks for nine straight days. Vacuum every third day. Do empty the vacuum or some with crawl back out on you.

7: Get Rid of Dust Mites with Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil has proven to have control over dust mites. Get a 50/50 solution of water and denatured alcohol. Mix several cinnamon drops into this mixture. Now, spray your bedding arrangement, carpets and also any other place where dust collects regularly. Your house will also smell like cookies, yay!

8: Move Out Wasps with Fake Nest

Wasps are some of the most territorial insects in the world. No wasp would nest within 20 yards of another one. This gives you the opportunity to hang fake wasp nests in your garden. Hang one or as many as you need with a 20-yard gap between them. No wasps in the garden means none inside.

9: Mice Vs Owls – You Win

Got great mouse problem at home that travel from the garden? Have some owls to take care of them. A pair of barn owns and their brood can easily stomach more than 3000 mice in a nesting season. Just what you need for these little buggers. Get a pair and feed them mice that annoy you. Solved!

10: Diatomaceous for Roaches

We got another one for the pesky roaches. These fliers can easily be killed with diatomaceous. Sprinkle some of it on areas where you see them most. This is a very efficient roach removal idea. Diatomaceous cuts away the waxy exoskeleton killing roaches within 2 days usually. Roaches also get dehydrated.

Why Is Pest Removal Important!

Pests and insects are little scary things for most of us. Also, there is a lot more to them than just their scaring bits. Pests like mice, fleas and mosquitoes can carry so many bacteria and viruses into households. The bubonic plague of the past is a great example. Get quality pest removal service and keep your home safe at all times.