10 Mascara Hacks Every Woman Should Know!

Mascara Boxes

Mascara is one of the essential and important parts of the makeup. It not only lifts up the lashes but also gives them volume and makes them look improved. Eventually you can have the ultimate results with the best mascara application. Ladies like to do multiple things when it comes to the lash enhancement and coming up with a better makeup deal. They need to have the ultimate tricks and hacks that will lead them to get the best of makeup finishing at the end.

From buying mascara to its application, there is so much every woman needs to learn. It is not an easy job. You have to end up with a perfect kind of mascara for your lashes to protect them from damage. In case you are unable to select and apply mascara correctly, you may end up with some major issues and problems in the end. Let us review 10 must know hacks for women about mascara.

Selecting the Suitable Mascara

Not every mascara coming in the Custom Mascara Boxes is your type of mascara at all. Every product has is town different value and specifications. You need to understand its nature, make and reaction before moving forward with the purchase. Many people look around for the waterproof mascara that helps to last for long. If you have, weak and thin lashes then do not pick up such kind of mascara. The waterproof mascara is dark and dry; it can make the lashes to fall off.

Similarly, do not use such mascara if you have lash extensions. Mascara with oils in there is not suitable for lash extensions and glue. You need to get simple and effective mascara option by reading its composition in the first place.

Have the Dot Check

Many times, when you buy mascara you are unable to know the right way to check its consistency and coverage. It is not essential to apply the stroke on your lash for the ultimate check. For sure, you cannot apply the tester on your lash due to multiple concerns. Therefore, here comes the easy consistency check. You can dot the mascara on your hand and check its consistency and stability. The texture of mascara should be smooth. Do not swatch is on your hand at all. Just point the center of brush on your hand and have a dot. The thickness, consistency and settlement will be there. It seems easy to find out whether it is runny or too hard. You should go for stable and soft mascara.

Coverage Check on Arms/Brows

Another way to check out the coverage of mascara is applying it on your arms or brows. These are the two safe options where you have hair and can stroke the mascara easily. The prefer option is your arm’s hair. Simply apply the mascara strokes on the hair and check out the coverage or build up it will give to your hair. In case, you do not have any arm hair, then your eyebrows are the best option. Put some strokes there and you will find out how it will behave with your eyelashes in actual. Using the sample mascara brush on your eyebrows is safe. It will not let the mascara to react directly with your eyes. Moreover, you can remove it easily instant once you are done with selection.

Apply with Powder for Better Coverage

Many women with thin lashes are unable to get the ultimate volume with the mascara application. They are unable to have fake lashes due to its application and other reasons. Therefore, here comes the mascara application hack to deal with it. You will not get this hack on Custom Printed Mascara Boxes at all. However, it is one of the effective and beneficial options to try. Use the talcum powder or face powder for the better volume. After washing your face and getting ready for makeup.

Take a clean mascara wand and add some powder on it. Now run the mascara wand though your eye lashes to apply powder on your lashes. Do not make it too thick but give a fine layer. Now take your mascara and then apply it on lashes. The powder in combination with mascara will give you the ultimate results in the end. It will enhance the lashes volume and make them look bigger.

Replace after Every 4 Months

No one thinks of throwing away makeup products especially if its mascara. You can hear about the Mascara Hacks of using it for long. Using the makeup solution in the dried mascara to make it work again is one of the dangerous hacks you may know. For safer application and use of mascara, it is essential to come up with a new and renewal of mascara after every four months. Mascara is an eye product that is in contact with your eyes regularly. There are possibilities of bacterial growth in your mascara wand over time. It can lead to reactions and side effects at times. For a safer experience, you need to keep changing the mascara after every four months.

Settle the fake Lashes with Mascara

Most of the time applying the fake lashes with glue, you experience the diversion of real and fake lashes in opposite direction. It is hard to settle both of the lashes together. The reason can be the application spot of the fake lashes. Either you place them too far from the roots or these are so curvy. The simplest solution to the problem is to use the mascara on it. When your lash is all settled, then you need to come up with the mascara and apply it gently on it. The mascara will bound both lashes together. It will lift up the natural lashes to the fake one. Moreover, give fake lashes a little support on the surface with the natural lashes. Eventually, you can enjoy the best of lash look for the event.

Bounce the Edges Only

Sometime people who are allergic to thinner or cosmetics feel bad about not able to look better. There is nothing to worry about it. Things are odd and sometimes depressing. There is no doubt that mascara boxes comes with the caution of safety for the people who are allergic to thinners. Their eyes cannot bear the thinner at all. In this manner, there is a way to apply mascara without getting hurt. You do not have to apply the mascara on full lash. Just bounce the edges of your ashes a little bit using the mascara wand. Make sure you are not taking is too close to eye and giving your lash a little bounce. Keep the eye close until it is dry and then you are all set to move forward.

Pump up the Brows

Who told you that mascara is only for eyelashes? There is no such information mentioned on the Custom Mascara Boxes USA either. It is just a common perception that people have about one thing. In actually, mascara is a just a highlighting agent for hair. Then you can resolve the matter of dull and thin eyebrows with it as well. You do not have to worry about making the eyebrows dark using eye pencils. Just stroke the mascara on your eyebrow hair and give them a little volume. Using high volume mascara will reflect better results for your eyebrows.

Fill up the Forehead Patches

Hair fall is another serious concern for women in routine. The hair loss from the front hairline and the grow of tiny hair are a mess. They do not want these patches to be prominent. Here comes the mascara that can help to make them look neat and fuller. If you have, the bald patches or less hair then apply the mascara there and enhance their volume.

On the other hand, when newly grown hair is making it difficult for you to get ready, then calm them using mascara. Just run a few strokes to these hairs and join them with the other hairs perfectly. They will never bug you for the evening.

Apply on Extension Edges

After getting the eyelash extension, there is no need to apply mascara. In case you are feeling it should be there, then never put it on the roots or glued area at all. The Custom Printed Boxes comes with a tag of having oils or waterproofing agents in the mascara. If these ingredients are there then you should avoid putting the mascara on the extensions. It can lose up the extension and make it fall.