10 Major Look-outs when choosing the Best Car Battery in UAE


One fine morning, you’re ready to drive your luxurious BMW to your office and your car stops responding. How would you feel when you find your prized car to be dead? You might be puzzled as to what could have gone wrong with your car. Do you know why you had it coming? It’s because of your decision to buy that car battery without doing comprehensive research on choosing the best car battery in UAE. Well, there’s no need to panic! A flat car battery is inevitable and generally call for dead battery replacement once or twice throughout the lifecycle of your car. If your car battery died, it might happen due to the wearing out from repetitive charging and discharging or simply because of its age. Moreover, the rush hour traffic in Dubai, climatic conditions and the nature of the trip may also affect your car battery life. Even if you’re very careful about its maintenance, you need to go with dead battery replacement at some point of time. Generally, the lifespan of a car battery ranges between 3-5 years depending on its use. However, the differences between the best car battery in UAE and an average-quality car battery is evaluated by their lifespan and performance. If you don’t want to be trapped in the loop of constantly buying and replacing car batteries, you must go for the best car battery in UAE.

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Here are a few useful tips on what to look out when purchasing a new car battery for your favorite car.

  1. Car Battery Size

Car batteries are available in variable sizes which indicate their length, width, and height. You can easily check the battery size by going through the user manual or consulting with experts and evaluate their lifespan and performance level. The right car battery is one that perfectly fits in the battery tray and secures the battery by preventing damage caused due to vibrations.

  1. Car Battery Freshness

The freshness of a car battery can be determined by its code which consists of a combination of a letter and number. The letter indicates the month and the number indicates the manufacturing year. You should never buy a car battery that is older than six months from the manufactured date.

  1. Power Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity of a car battery refers to the amount of time that the battery can operate on its own without the engine or before discharge. Having a car battery with a high reserve capacity can help you combat tough situations arising from an alternator failure, car lights left on, or a noncompliant engine.

  1. Energy Requirement

Power requirement is indicated by Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and Cranking Amps (CA). Cranking Amps is required to start a vehicle at 32 degrees Fahrenheit whereas Cold Cranking Amp indicates the battery’s ability to start the vehicle at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually, batteries with a higher CCA is recommended for cold climatic conditions

  1. Car Battery Maintenance

The car batteries may wear out due to several reasons including climatic conditions, nature of trips, battery age, etc. You need to invest in car battery maintenance services to ensure that your battery runs optimally. When it comes to assessing car battery maintenance, there are mainly two types – the low maintenance and the maintenance-free. A sealed maintenance-free battery such as the Solite car battery in Dubai comes with the liquid electrolyte that runs throughout the battery life with zero chances of dead battery replacement. On the other hand, low-maintenance car batteries are unsealed with caps that allow you to refill distilled water periodically.

  1. Battery Warranties

It is always wise to check the warranty periods and choose a battery that comes with a long period of free dead battery replacement. Warranty periods are determined by a figure combining the free battery replacement period and the prorated period. The prorated period allows for partial reimbursement of the car battery price in UAE for a limited period of time.

  1. Terminal Type and Its Position

It is essential to check the position of the positive terminal of a car battery as it directly affects the polarity of the car and may incur short-circuiting if the positive terminal comes in contact with the metal shell of the car. Make sure to check which side the positive terminal is positioned whether right or left depending on your car type.

  1. Ampere Hour (Ah)

Also, you need to check how much power your battery can save. A car battery with a higher Ampere Hour (Ah) can run for a long time, thus, mitigating the risk of early battery discharge.

  1. Battery Lifespan

You can approach an auto parts store or a car battery specialist to check your car battery life. This will help you know whether it’s time to buy a new car battery or just send your battery for a checkup. If your car battery died before its usual age, you must consider checking the date of manufacture before buying one.

  1. Learn from Your Past Experience

Before jumping on to buy a new car battery, you should always consider your experience with your previous battery to avoid the same mistakes and circumstances again.

Other Recommended Tips

If you’re thinking to buy a car battery online Dubai, many UAE-based online car battery stores are selling car batteries of variable sizes and types such as, Solite car battery, CMF, JIS, DIN, AGM car battery in Dubai UAE and more at the best car battery price in UAE. However, you must always do proper research or consult a battery specialist to buy the best car battery in UAE.

You may also refer to several car batteries reviews websites that enlist the top-rated car batteries with a detailed comparison of their features, capacities, performance, price and more. Whether you need to check for the Solite battery price Dubai UAE or features of an AGM car battery Dubai UAE or the best car battery price in UAE, you may find these resources very useful when choosing the best car battery in UAE.

Once you’ve found the right 800 battery replacement company, you may dial their toll-free number to get further help.

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