10 Interesting Ideas For Decorating Kid’s Room

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Creating an interesting space for your little ones to play, learn and grow can be quite a challenging task. After all, designing a gorgeous, functional room that has enough space to display their fun artwork and let them play unrestricted, with children’s fabric storage baskets to stow away the toys and tidy away the clutter is a pretty tall order.

Need a little advice about how to go about it? We have got you covered!

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to improve upon an existing space, you are certain to find some inspiration and innovative ideas here.

1. Keep it Simple

Remember the key to decorating kids’ room is ‘less is usually more’.

Try to keep the decor simple and furnishings to a minimum, and work towards creating more space for the munchkins to play and provide a neutral canvas that you can easily change or update as they grow (or feel bored).

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Plan out space in such a way that puts playtime first and provides plenty of open floor space. For example, you can pull a floor-level, a house-frame bed which will double as a play zone for your little ones, while the open shelving will allow the favourite toys to serve as charming accessories.

2. Plan a Kid-friendly Space

Put yourself in your kid’s shoes, it will help you design a space that is as functional as it is fun and cute!

Generally, pastel colours are great in children’s bedrooms, mixing these colours makes it really easy to achieve a scheme that is calm, soothing and still loads of fun.

For creating a kid-friendly room, you can also try making a bright, boho-inspired toddler room. Place a tiny tenant as the headboard of a cozy floor bed and add a pint-sized table and chair set providing a comfortable alternative to traditional furnishings. Also, place a few low fabric storage baskets, open shelving, and easy-to-access hooks. This set-up will encourage responsibility and independent play in your kids.

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3. Focus on Play & Play

To create a room your little ones will love, try focusing on the thing they love to do most — play, and add an element of fun to your design.

For your three feet tall artists put a chalkboard wall or an easy-to-update art gallery where they can display their favourite art creations and scribbles. For tiny tots who are more adventurous, ceiling-suspended cargo net, built-in rock-climbing wall, bunk bed slide are great options, encouraging them to play while helping to burn up all that extra, pre-bedtime energy with lots of fun.

4. Make Room For Magic

Infuse some magic into your little one’s life. Add elements of something enchanting in their room.

Create a whimsical fairy palace, a space-themed room or a galaxy of adventure which ignites their mind and imagination. Hang some pretty glittering fairy lights, glow-in-the-dark ceiling stars, or colourful circus flags, and adorable star motif. Or, paint a stunning constellation mural along with LED lights installed into the headboard of the bed along with a rocket-ship porthole for your young explorers.

5. Make the Most of The Space

Whether you are working with a small room or a big imagination, you must make the most of your child’s space whilst designing a clean-cut and modern kid’s room.

Use multifunctional furniture that saves on space and can be restructured easily— like a simple loft bed which doubles the usable space, creating an additional play zone that can easily be turned to a cozy, comfortable reading nook or gorgeous lounge area for a future teen.

6. Get Smart With Storage

Kids come with a lot and really lot of stuff — uncountable toys, many different games, and books to their ever-changing wardrobes in multiple sizes.

You need to play smart if you wish to corral the clutter and double up your storage space. Go for placing multiple hooks, shelves, wall-hugging book rails, children’s fabric storage baskets & bins, under-the-bed storage crates, and furniture with built-in storage. You can also install the second rail in your child’s closet or place some fabric organizers to expand your storage potential.

7. Play with Colours

Kids love colours, but choosing the right one can be quite tricky!

Your little girl may adore hot pink now, or you naughty boy may love everything in blue but that doesn’t mean they will later, and the thought of painting the entire room again in just a few years is enough to give anyone jitters.

Instead of painting the entire room of your kid in one colour, go for a clever compromise —  create a vibrant and cheery room by introducing a rainbow of colourful accessories & accents into a neutral setting that can be easily modified (with quick updates ) when your little one is bored and wants a new look.

8. Keep Them Busy

A kid-friendly work area is a must in your child’s room. Providing your kiddo with a cozy place to colour and unleash their creativity will not only keep them occupied but will also help in their development. When your child grows up, a personal workspace can be turned into a quiet place to study.

Plan a playful yet stylish space that can be used as a comfortable workstation for doing arts and crafts and when required can be easily transformed into a homework station for your tiny intellectuals.

9. Add Pattern and Texture

Be careful while adding pattern and texture to your kid’s decor. Clever use of these two components can take a room from blah to breathtaking in seconds.

You can design a beautiful black-and-white nursery using a combination of rich, textural layers and bold, graphic & geometric patterns. It will help to create a well-balanced and visually interesting space without incorporating any colour at all.

10. Give Them Space

Give your tiny tots a space for a little hideaway. A reading nook with a gorgeous little teepee is an excellent place for some quality alone time, also has the added benefit of encouraging your kid to curl up every afternoon with a good book and offers enough room for cuddles.

You can also equip the nook with rail shelves that allow their favourite books to sit for easy access. They can also use the silent corner to catch a quiet moment alone or invite a close friend.

Wrap Up

This useful round-up of decorating tips will help you identify the current wants and future needs of your little ones, allowing you to strike that all-important balance between functional and downright adorable while planning their decor.

Keeping in mind their little personalities, design a sweet sanctuary that your kids will love both now and for years to come!

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