10 Common Challenges Faced By Android App Developers


More than 3.5 million users use android apps and download them from the Google play store. It is crucial for the professional to include interesting and top-notch features in his app to make it stand out in a massive crowd and win hearts. He has to provide incredible user experience to prevent abandonment. There are many web and app development services providers that can help your organization create exclusive business apps on this superlative and most popular platform. Let’s discuss all the challenges they face during the app development lifecycle.

1)    Development approach

They have to select plenty of things before getting started and it is their job to keep in mind the demands of their clients. As there are various frameworks and platforms available, so it becomes hard for them to choose the perfect one. It is necessary to be sure about the approach and also set development timelines. They have to ponder on the nature of the business and their future plans to make a wise decision. It can be really difficult for them to choose from hybrid development, native development, and web-based mobile app development and they also have to plan UI and UX needs. All of these aspects are important to be taken care of to follow the right path.  Therefore, in-depth research, examination, and then implementation of concepts is the key to success.

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2)    Hardware features

There are no limitations on the devices being launched by manufacturers. Therefore, it is easy to find numerous devices with different hardware features running on the same android version. For instance, if two phones are running on the latest version, it is possible that the size, screen resolutions, camera, and other factors are different from each other. During the creation of an app, it is necessary to focus on all these factors to make sure it provides a tailored experience to each individual.

3)    Software fragmentation

A new Android version is launched by Google every year with incredible features and enhancements but its adoption rate is too slow. The recent version of the mobile operating system has a lower market share than its precursors Lollipop, Marshmallow, and KitKat. Every new version comes with multiple enhancement and features. This is the reason; they have to target different versions during the development phase. Developers have to contain particular features in the app and target multiple versions of Android to make the application profitable and popular in the short run as well. Sometimes, it becomes hard for them to make the app leverage the features offered by the up-to-date and former versions.

4)    Lack of user interface design rules

A majority of developers don’t follow any development rule or process, just because they design tailored UI interfaces in their desired way. Therefore, a lot of apps look and perform differently on various devices. This difference and incompatibility of the UI disturb the user experience that the apps directly deliver. Some prefer to create a responsive UI to keep it reliable across all devices, but it is necessary to test it properly by combining emulators and all devices before publishing.

5)    Device compatibility

It is the desire of every organization to offer incredible user experience to their customers. Device compatibility is essential and should deliver flawless and compatible services on all devices. However, as there are various devices available on the android platform, so it becomes challenging for them to offer a similar experience to everyone. It is important to pay attention to the screen size, resolutions, and other factors.

6)    Costly and extensive research

Each development phase demands extensive research which is very costly. Getting information about the end-users and their ever-evolving wish list is crucial. Therefore, creating a new app or making changes to the previous one is definitely expensive.

7)    Security issues

Its open-source nature makes it easier for device manufacturers to customize Android to their specific needs. But openness and its huge market share made Android vulnerable to frequent security attacks. In many cases, the security of millions of Android devices has been affected by security holes or bugs such as Stagefright, “Certifi-gate” mRST, FakeID, Installer Hijacking, and TowelRoot. Developers must include strong security features in their applications and use the latest encryption mechanisms to ensure the safety of user information, despite targeted security attacks and security holes in Android. It is important to include the robust security measures and also utilize encryption mechanism to keep user data safe and secure and out of the reach of hackers.

8)    Search engine visibility

There are millions of apps available on the Google store in which both free and paid are included. However, people prefer using free apps, therefore, they need to advertise their apps for accomplishing more downloads and also employ monetization options. To increase visibility, they can pick an attention-grabbing name, design an interesting icon, include targeted keywords in the description, and add great quality screenshots and videos for the comfort of the users. They also need to implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to promote their apps to the most relevant users. Many developers must leverage the services of digital marketing experts to actively promote their applications.

9)    Patent issues

Developers often find it daunting to build applications with unique features. They usually contain features and functions in the app that make them similar to many apps in the same category in the Play Store. Unlike Apple, Google does not enforce strict guidelines to evaluate the quality of new apps submitted to its app store. The lack of standardized quality assessment guidelines often leads developers to solve patent-related issues. Some developers will have to design and modify their applications in the future to avoid patent issues.

10)    Performance

Offering great app performance is the biggest issue for the developers because making it run without any bugs and crashes is difficult. It should take very little space in the device without consuming battery life. During the creation process, it is important to check how the design performs on various devices.

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