What Can You Vape Besides e-juice


The vaping industry is exploding. By now, everyone in the cannabis world has a glimpse of vaporizers being a popular method for cannabis consumption. To all vapors, cannabis is a safe substitute for vape juice.

First of all, you need to know everything you need to get started. Here are the requirements:

  • Quality dry herb. It shouldn’t be too sticky as it will not vape properly.
  • A vaporizer. The most popular ones are the desktop and best portable vaporizers.
  • A good quality grinder
  • Accessories such as tools for cleaning your vaporizer usually a brush and a stir tool.

To vape your weed, you need to set up your machine in a table or a flat surface. The machine either uses a small pipe or a plastic balloon depending on the model.  The tube is used to draw in the vapor directly from the vaporizer while the balloon gets automatically blown up and then the user draws in.

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To vape cannabis, put the herb into the atomizer, which gets heated. Set the hose, connect the vaporizer into the power vent and turn it on. Choose the desired temperature; give it some time before you start dragging the vapor in.

The following are the top reasons why it is great to vape cannabis:

  1. Vaping is efficient

The primary reason vaping is efficient is that the extremely high temperatures created by flames from 3000F are highly sufficient to fully shatter a considerable part of cannabinoids before they even have an opportunity to be inhaled. It is one of the most efficient ways to smoke cannabis. You could stretch out your cannabis use over a long time if you were adequately using your vaporizer. Depending on your consumption, you’ll save a lot of bucks.

  1. Supplement your high

The vaporizers’ high does feel completely different from smoking. Vaping cannabis gives you a better high since you need to inhale cannabinoids and no toxins from the burning tobacco or wrapping paper mixed with weed when it’s in a roll-up being smoked.  Once you get used to your vaporizer, it’s way stronger and that’s when you’ll understand vaping cannabis is more potent.

If you view yourself a pro-cannabis user, therefore, you can’t say you’ve tried everything until you’ve never experienced high from vaporizers. This is because you take a more significant number of less potent hits, the high is a lot more gradual. If you often get anxious, panicked, or obsessively anxious when you smoke, and mostly when you dab, vaping is a great way to do away with these feelings. Therefore, the high tends to be more uplifting, so if you’re a perky stoner, you will find vaping your cannabis, let you be more dynamic.

  1. Vaping is discreet

While some portable vapes do still release a noticeable vapor and smell, vape pens are much more prudent unlike smoking a joint or a one-hitter in public. The smell of weed is still there, but it makes much less of a fuss or cloud.

While you probably won’t be discreetly vaping with a Vaporizer, which needs a wall plug, there is a broad range of portable vaporizers, some of which look like everyday objects, most often pens. If you value portability and want to stay medicated every day, portable vaporizers can be convenient.

  1. Cost-effective

Vaping saves you money in the long run because you need to burn less of it to get high. You can use a vape pen which is way more affordable. The liquids you can put in a vape pen are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

  1. Finer Flavor

You know when you take a hit and get a clue of various flavors from different strains and quality weed hiding behind that nasty smoke, well after you start vaping for some time, you will notice an enormous difference.

I’ve noticed that when you start using a vape, you can taste the flavor notes of cannabis. Likely because you’re not burning the weed to a crisp, it just tastes that much cleaner, sweet, and yummier.

  1. Reduced Smell

All that said, when someone is smoking Cannabis, you can smell it from far away. Nowadays, the super strength of strains can be a real problem if you’re trying to be discrete when smoking.

The best part of it is that if you’re using a vaporizer, there is barely any smell at all.  The weed does not have to burn to release the cannabinoids and heating it to the point it creates vapor carries a minimal scent. This means you can take and vape your Cannabis in many more places unlike before.

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